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    Arm Liposuction & Lipedema Surgery | Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

    Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, Orlando, Florida

    ArtLipo Plastic Surgery

    ArtLipo Plastic Surgery

    We have been providing the Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg area with the finest liposuction and plastic surgery procedures for the past 15 years. Our surgeons Dr. Thomas Su and Dr. Kristopher Hamwi bring together over 30 years of plastic and cosmetic surgery experience. Our uncompromising standards and passion for the most beautiful cosmetic results are what drives us. We provide a full range of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, but our specialty is liposuction. We provide the most skilled and advanced liposuction anywhere in the country and world. From our unique trademarked Celebrity Arms™ lipo to Lipedema Lipo, we provide the very best results which patients don’t mind traveling from not just other states, but from all over the world! Our Mommy Makeover surgeries also bring together the best of all our surgeries including breast reduction and lifts, lipo 360, and tummy tucks to provide stunning youthful transformations.

    Artistry Makes the Difference

    Our surgeons are at their core skilled artists, first and foremost. This is why we are named Art Lipo. It is not a gimmick. Unlike many cosmetic surgeons who like to claim that they are artistic, but have never taken any art courses, we are truly artists. Dr. Su, the founder of the practice was a Fine Arts Major studying art of the human figure prior to entering medical training. Dr. Hamwi grew up with the inspiration and immersion in art since his father is an accomplished professional sculptor. Art and artistry is in our blood which is very unique since very few plastic surgeons can really say this. We put this artistry to work each and every day with every patient. It starts with the virtual consultation where we draw out our patients anticipated shape that we envision. Then during the surgery we bring our full passion and dedication to the case. Finally, when our work of art is finished, we show our results in our before and after photos, and videos. When you peruse our website, you’ll see more before and after pictures and live patient videos than most other surgeons. This is one of the true signs of an artist since we are proud of our work and want the world to see it!





    Lipedema Surgery and Arm Liposuction Specialists


    We are proud to be experts and specialists in two very unique and advanced forms of liposuction. Our Celebrity Arms™ liposuction is the first of its kind to deliver high definition and 360 degree results. Not only was this pioneered by Dr. Su over 8 years ago, but we are still one of the only practices anywhere in the world that can do this type of surgery. We are also probably the only clinic in the world that can say that it specializes in arm liposuction as we have performed over 2500 cases.


    Lipedema liposuction for the knees, calves, and ankles is another one of these surgeries that very few doctors in the world perform. It is also high definition and 360 degrees. Dr. Su has made this his specialty over the past few years and has performed more of these surgeries than almost any other surgeon in the country. His cosmetic results for lipedema sufferers are also arguably among the best anywhere.

    See Your Results Before During & After

    We believe that showing you your results is very important. It’s a sign that we as your surgeons care. So we do a few things that almost no other plastic surgeon or practices do. We show you what your results will look like before the surgery, then again during the surgery, and finally after the surgery also.

    Before Surgery

    we take your photos and our surgeons draw what your new body shape is going to look like. This assures you that we have envisioned what the result is going to be and shared it with you. This is part of our unique Virtual Consultation.

    During Surgery

    for our awake lipo procedures we stand you up in front of a mirror after different parts are finished, so that we are sure they look good and you can too. Yes the results are seen immediately!

    After Surgery

    we take before and after photos of all our patients, but unlike other practices we try to post these photos whenever it is okay with our patients. We truly care about your happiness with your results!


    You Deserve a Mommy Makeover

    Giving birth is the most special event in a mother’s life. However, the consequences of going through pregnancy and nursing can have negative lasting effects that no amount of exercise or proper diet can fix. Our plastic surgeons are experts at restoring your body back to its pre-baby shape and tightness. A mommy makeover surgery is meant to get your body back in shape and is made up of whatever combination of procedures you need specifically. This could be a breast lift or augmentation, or possibly a tummy tuck and liposuction. Our surgeons will help you determine what surgeries are right for you. We are specialists in all forms of plastic surgery and can help mom get her best body back!


    Fly In to Tampa for the Best Liposuction and Plastic Surgery

    Patients looking for the best plastic surgery and liposuction fly into Tampa Bay from all over the United States and from countries all over the world to see us. We are not the discount destination, but the best choice for quality results and the only destination for many of our procedures. We make the consultation process easy by email, phone, and photos that you send to us. Our surgeons review your photos and can accurately render what your new shape will be and can discuss this with you. For most liposuction cases, patients can fly home the following day after a follow-up. Other types of open surgery may require longer stays. Because we have so many out of state patients, we have systems set up to help you arrange your stay and transportation needs as well as overnight nursing services.