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    Lipedema Liposuction Surgery Center & Celebrity Arms Liposuction


    ArtLipo Plastic Surgery

    Welcome to Artlipo Lipedema Surgery & Celebrity Arms Liposuction Center, recognized globally as pioneers and authorities in the field of lipedema reduction surgery and arm liposuction. With a decade of dedicated service, our esteemed surgeons have provided care for numerous lipedema patients, positioning us as one of the foremost Lipedema Centers internationally. We take great pride in consistently delivering exceptional outcomes, marked by significant symptom alleviation for our patients. What truly distinguishes us is our commitment to achieving not only functional improvements but also aesthetically pleasing results of the highest caliber. This distinction has garnered us recognition and patronage from individuals worldwide. At Artlipo, we firmly believe that surgical interventions aimed at enhancing your well-being should also enhance your appearance, ensuring a comprehensive transformation that empowers you to look and feel your best.


    At Artlipo Lipedema Surgery and Arm Liposuction Center, our distinguished team of surgeons, spearheaded by Dr. Thomas Su, represents a pinnacle of expertise and innovation in the field of Lipo 360 of the Arms and Legs and the treatment of Lipedema. Unlike conventional cosmetic liposuction procedures which address localized areas, treating Lipedema necessitates a comprehensive approach, encompassing circumferential treatment of the entire legs and arms, known as Lipo 360, to ensure thoroughness and effectiveness. Dr. Su's pioneering work in this domain, originating with his creation of the trademarked Celebrity Arms™ over a decade ago, underscores his visionary approach and artistic dedication. His seminal publication, "Celebrity Arms in a Day," published in 2014, marked a significant milestone in advancing the field. Subsequently, Dr. Su expanded his innovative techniques to encompass circumferential sculpting of thighs, knees, and lower legs, earning widespread acclaim for his meticulous attention to detail, particularly in refining the aesthetics of the knee area, aptly termed the "knee complex." Dr. Su's contributions have not only reshaped the landscape of cosmetic surgery but have also been disseminated globally through his presentations at numerous international conferences since 2014. Our extensive experience is evident in our successful treatment of over 2,000+ lipedema patients and an additional 2,000 cosmetic patients utilizing Lipo 360 of the arms and legs, positioning us as one of the foremost clinics worldwide in both expertise and outcomes.


    We understand that cultivating trust is paramount, transcending mere credentials and accolades. While board certification, a lipedema webpage, and academic achievements are important, they alone cannot guarantee the confidence our patients seek. What truly matters to our patients is the assurance of exceptional lipedema reduction results—improvements in leg discomfort, pain reduction, and satisfaction with their appearance. To uphold this commitment, we offer one of the most extensive collections of before and after photos and videos showcasing real patient outcomes. Furthermore, our patients' testimonials, featured on reputable platforms like, provide invaluable insights into the transformative impact of our surgeries. We recognize the proliferation of surgeons claiming expertise in lipedema surgery, yet few possess substantial experience in treating lipedema patients. Thus, we encourage patients to scrutinize before and after results and testimonials when selecting a surgeon. We welcome inquiries regarding our surgical experience and readily provide evidence of our track record, believing transparency is fundamental to fostering trust and ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients.








    Fly In to Tampa for the Best Lipedema Surgery and Arm Liposuction Procedures

    Patients looking for the best Lipedema surgery and arm liposuction procedures fly into Tampa Bay from all over the United States and from countries all over the world to see us. We are not the discount destination, but the best choice for quality results and the only destination for many of our procedures. We make the consultation process easy by email, phone, and photos that you send to us. Our surgeons review your photos and can accurately render what your new shape will be and can discuss this with you. For most liposuction cases, patients can fly home the following day after a follow-up. Other types of open surgery may require longer stays. Because we have so many out of state patients, we have systems set up to help you arrange your stay and transportation needs as well as overnight nursing services.