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You want your body sculpted by an Artist – Dr. Su is a rare liposuction expert with a 4 year Fine Arts degree!
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Plastic Surgery and Liposuction Experts
World’s Leading Clinic in Arm Liposuction and Ankle Liposuction
Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Pete, Florida

At Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery we have been serving patients in the Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Pete areas for over 12 years. We not only treat patients from all over Florida, but currently have a global clientele that fly in from all over the U.S. and other countries for many of our specialty plastic surgeries. Liposuction is one area that we specialize in, with the best results and advanced procedures that almost no other clinics offer. We also offer a full range of plastic surgery from two of the most highly skilled plastic surgeons in Tampa Bay.

The word “Artistic” in our name is not a gimmick, it is what the clinic was founded on, and what defines us. We are all artists as well as surgeons and it is why we are passionate about what we do. Our plastic surgeons Dr. Meegan Gruber and Dr. Kristopher Hamwi both have extensive backgrounds in art, and Dr. Thomas Su the founder has a degree in Fine Arts. We believe that great plastic surgery and liposuction results come from having an artistic approach blended with experience and proven skills. This mindset is what separates our surgeons and their results from those of other practices. You might assume that all plastic surgeons are artistic, but most of them have never had a single art course in any of their training or outside of it. Artistic skill is not a prerequisite to get into a plastic surgery training program. As a result, not all plastic surgeons produce great cosmetic results and many do not show much of their work. As a potential patient, you should place a lot of importance in trusting what you can see. As artists and surgeons, we are passionate about what we create for our patients and are proud to show off our results. Few plastic surgery clinics or practices will show you the amount of before and after pictures, or live patient videos that prove the quality of their work like we do.

In choosing the best plastic surgeon or liposuction expert, we believe that honesty, trust and good communication is essential. Our patients often bring us their concerns and complaints about a particular part of their body. However, as experts in the figure, we often can present options that our patients had not thought of. For example, a patient wishing to have larger breasts may come in looking for implants. However, if she has a bulging tummy and waist, slimming these areas to create an hourglass shape may be more important to improve the overall figure, as well as make the breasts naturally look larger. As plastic and cosmetic surgeons, we will always listen to what your concerns are, but we will also look at the bigger picture and give you the best options. We will also guide you by telling you what we think will give you the best results, and we’ll show you lots of examples to help you visualize for yourself. We think that this kind of honesty and communication is what makes us your best choice for a plastic surgeon.

The World’s Most Advanced Liposuction Clinic

Although we are located in Tampa, Florida, we offer some of the most advanced liposuction procedures in the world. The clinic founder, Dr. Thomas Su has developed a number of innovative techniques of performing liposuction for optimal completeness, accuracy, and skin tightening. These techniques have allowed our surgeons to create results in all body areas that surpass that of the vast majority of other surgeons performing liposuction. (read more about our techniques)

We are amazingly the world’s leading clinic in two particular areas, Arm Liposuction and Ankle Liposuction. Our Celebrity Arms high definition arm liposuction is revolutionary, and was created by Dr. Su and is not offered by any other clinic in the world. This is a trademarked procedure that gives spectacular results never thought possible by the plastic surgery community. We perform Celebrity Arms liposuction over 30 times a month and perform more arm liposuction than any other practice in the world.

Our other specialty, ankle/cankle liposuction is a procedure that less than 5% of other plastic surgeons have ever performed or are willing to perform. Even those surgeons who have done it, probably have performed less than 10 in their entire career. We are the world leader in this surgery not only because we do it beautifully, but also because we have more experience than any other clinic in the world. At the time of this writing we have had over 300 extremely satisfied ankle clients.

We are also proud that the majority of our clients come from all over the world to have liposuction procedures. More than 30 clients a month come from other states and other countries because of our exceptional work and exclusive procedures.

Celebrity Arms™ Liposuction - Revolutionary Arm Sculpting!

Celebrity Arms™ is a revolutionary trademarked procedure that creates the most lean, sculpted, and toned looking arms that no other surgeons have ever created before. Traditional arm liposuction only removes a small portion of fat from the lower hang of the arm leaving the arm looking bulky or otherwise undefined in the other 70% that is not even touched. All surgeons are taught to leave these other areas including the sides of the arms and top of the arms and shoulders alone since these areas are considered too difficult. Dr. Su, Dr. Gruber and Dr. Hamwi have taken arm liposuction to the extreme by removing fat ultra-completely and in a high definition manner in all areas of the arm and shoulder to give patients a toned and contoured look never before possible, which also results in tighter looking skin. This procedure is the first of its kind to produce this type of result and is currently only offered at Artistic Liposuction & Plastic Surgery where it was created.

Mommy Makeover Specialists

Giving birth is the most special event in a mother’s life. However, the consequences of going through pregnancy and nursing can have negative lasting effects that no amount of exercise or proper diet can fix. Our plastic surgeons are experts at restoring your body back to its prebaby shape and tightness. A mommy makeover surgery is meant to get your body back in shape and is made up of whatever combination of procedures you need specifically. This could be a breast lift or augmentation, or possibly a tummy tuck and liposuction. Our surgeons will help you determine what surgeries are right for you. We are specialists in all forms of plastic surgery and can help mom get her best body back!

Fly In to Tampa for the Best Liposuction and Plastic Surgery

Patients looking for the best plastic surgery and liposuction fly in to Tampa Bay from all over the United States and from countries all over the world to see us. We are not the discount destination, but the best choice for quality results and the only destination for many of our procedures. We make the consultation process easy by email, phone, and photos that you send to us. Our surgeons review your photos and can accurately render what your new shape will be and can discuss this with you. For most liposuction cases, patients can fly home the following day after a follow up. Other types of open surgery may require longer stays. Because we have so many out of state patients, we have systems set up to help you arrange your stay and transportation needs as well as overnight nursing services.


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At Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery we have been serving patients in the Tampa, Clearwater, and St.Pete areas for over 12 years.
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