If you’re preparing for arm liposuction, you’ll need to know what to expect after surgery. Although lipo is usually very safe, there are still some issues that can arise after the procedure. Some patients complain about the outcome of their treatment. So, what are the most common reasons individuals have to complain about following their surgery? Here are 10 of the most frequent.

1. Unrealistic Expectations

Unfortunately, some individuals have very unrealistic expectations when having liposuction. They think it’s possible to achieve a truly impressive result every time. Yet, every patient cannot achieve the same slimness and tautness. It’s, therefore, vital to precisely understand what to expect after the procedure. The best surgeons will ensure they always explain the likely outcome of the procedure. They will tell patients precisely what level of improvement they can expect to see. This will minimize any disappointment afterward.

2. Skin Depressions and Irregularities

Some lumps and bumps after lipo of the arms are common. Yet, these will be minor and will resolve themselves over time. Significant depressions or irregularities of the skin are usually because of a lack of skill on the surgeon’s behalf. Poor attention to detail or a lack of experience can cause an undesirable result. The size of the cannula used during the procedure influences how smooth the skin will be afterward. A large cannula will create more irregularities than microcannulas. If you choose an experienced and skilled surgeon with excellent attention to detail, you shouldn’t experience this problem.

3. Hyperpigmentation of The Incision Sites

When the skin receives any inflammatory injury, the skin cells can rupture. They may, then, release melanin pigment granules that leach into the skin in the surrounding area. Your body will treat this escaped pigment as a foreign substance. Macrophage cells will ingest the pigment, and this causes it to persist for a long time. The result is prolonged hyperpigmentation. Although this isn’t an ideal outcome, it will eventually resolve over time. In those with little natural skin pigmentation, it will usually resolve within six months. It can take much longer in patients with dark skin pigmentation. This is why it’s so important to choose a skilled surgeon. The surgeon will need to take extra care to minimize the number of incision sites and to locate them wisely.

4. The Surgeon Treated the Wrong Area 

Miscommunications between the surgeon and patient can lead to some confusion about the areas that need treatment. This should never happen. This is another reason why it’s very important to have a proper consultation with your surgeon before your procedure. This is an especially common problem with patients who go overseas for cosmetic surgery. It’s also more common in patients who have a general anesthetic for their procedure. The best surgeons will make sure that both they and their patients agree in the area they will be treating. They will also perform the procedure under a local anesthetic.

5. Long-Lasting Swelling

Unfortunately, swelling is an inevitable part of having lipo. Usually, though, it will only be a mild or moderate amount of swelling. It could persist for several weeks or even months, though. Although you cannot avoid swelling completely, you can minimize it. Using ice packs and compression garments as advised, as well as prescribed anti-inflammatories, can all help. The key to minimizing swelling is to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions fully.

6. Post-Operative Bruising

Like swelling, post-operative bruising is, unfortunately, commonplace. Luckily, thanks to the latest techniques, bruising is no longer as severe as it used to be. Still, some patients will bruise more extensively and for longer than others. The best surgeons will tell their patients what to expect and how to relieve any discomfort they’re experiencing.

7. Excessive Bleeding

Thanks to the use of microcannulas, it’s rare to experience excessive bleeding after surgery these days. Yet, for patients who don’t use compression garments as instructed in the first days after surgery, bleeding can occur. Sometimes, patients fail to follow their surgeon’s advice regarding medications and diet, too. Patients should avoid drugs, such as NSAIDs, vitamin E, and red wine as they increase bleeding. The best surgeons will warn their patients about what to avoid before and after surgery at their consultations. 

8. Worries About Drainage

Some patients worry about the amount of fluid draining from the liposuction site. They may be worried there isn’t enough or worried that there’s too much. Usually, there’s nothing to worry about. However, a good surgeon will always be happy to listen to patients’ concerns and reassure them when necessary.

9. Insufficient Fat Removal

Some patients are concerned the surgeon didn’t remove enough fat as they can’t see results immediately. It’s important to note you may not notice results for several weeks or even months. Post-operative swelling can mask the true outcome of the procedure. It may take much longer than you think for this to subside. It’s important to be patient and follow your surgeon’s advice. Eventually, you will see the results. If you choose a skilled surgeon, you can be sure he or she removed the optimal amount of fat.

10. Numbness

A patient can often experience numbness in the treated area. Luckily, this is usually only temporary. Over time, the numbness will fade. 

Improving Your Chances of An Excellent Outcome

The best way to minimize the chances of complaints following arm liposuction is to choose an experienced surgeon. A skilled surgeon will be able to minimize any risks while ensuring optimal fat removal. He or she will also ensure you have the information you need to have realistic expectations. Here at Artlipo, we are experts in the liposuction field. You can rely on us to guarantee the best possible result for you. Contact us today to learn more.