Artistic Liposuction for Tampa Residents

At Artistic Lipo of Tampa, we believe that liposuction is not simply about removing fat, it is about art of the human figure. We aren’t satisfied with just removing some fat and making you smaller. We believe that in order to make you look your very best, we have to remove your fat very completely, smoothly, and beautifully. That means that Dr. Su spends the time to find your most beautiful body contours and then sculpts those contours seamlessly into surrounding areas. Treating liposuction as an art is what sets us apart from our competitors. Dr. Su blends art with liposuction because he is a lifelong figure artist who completed a Fine Arts degree prior to earning his M.D.

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Artistic Lipo is a clinic that specializes in one thing only and that is awake liposuction or liposculpting. Over the past 8 years, Dr. Su has completed nearly 10,000 cases in Tampa Bay. By using only local anesthetic we perform liposuction more safely with quicker recovery. Using awake liposuction, Dr. Su refined it with his own method known as Interactive Lipo. His new method yields a more profound result. This means a more dramatic outcome that is smoother and more beautiful. Our results are second to none.

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