About Dr. Gruber

Dr. Meegan Gruber is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice since 2005. She is a native Floridian who was born in Miami. Dr. Gruber attended the University of California at Berkeley where she graduated with honors with a double major in Molecular Biology and Ethnic Studies and a minor in Fine Art. She continued her studies at the University of Illinois Medical Scholars Program for combined MD and PhD Degrees. During this time, she also continued her artistic pursuits in sculpture, drawing, painting and etching. Dr. Gruber found that the specialty of Plastic Surgery would allow her to utilize her artistic talent in combination with her interest in medicine. She was accepted to the highly-acclaimed combined General and Plastic Surgery residency program at Washington University where she learned the art and science of plastic surgery.

Dr. Gruber was in practice for 12 years as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Portland, Oregon before deciding to return to Florida. Although experienced in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, she has always enjoyed the cosmetic aspects of her practice. Since joining Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery early 2017, she has focused full time on performing cosmetic plastic surgery only. She has become adept at the Ultra Complete High Definition liposuction and is also a master of performing the clinics trademarked Celebrity Arms procedure. Dr. Gruber has also become known for her extraordinary buttocks sculpting and augmentation which she calls the “Gruber Booty”. Dr. Gruber enjoys performing all types of plastic surgery, but especially working with women in getting their prebaby body back through her amazing mommy makeovers!

Outside of surgery, she continues her passion for art in the form of costume design, face and body painting. Dr. Gruber has won several awards for her costume and makeup design and despite her busy schedule, remains active in her design work. She is excited to be moving her family back to her home state where they will be able to enjoy the sunshine, salt water and spend time with relatives. In addition to art and design, Dr. Gruber enjoys entertaining and throwing dinner parties with her husband Ryan who is a trained chef and sommelier. Her other hobbies include snorkeling, scuba diving and underwater photography.


It takes courage to make the decision to have surgery. I strive to always remember this and I feel honored that my patients choose me to help them reach their goals. I believe that every individual comes to me with a vision of themselves. Everyone has their own self-concept, the way they picture themselves in their mind’s eye. It is when this vision ceases to match the reflection in the mirror that patients seek my help. My patients feel young, vibrant and healthy and want to project that in their outward appearance. I am truly grateful to my patients for their trust in me and for allowing me to help them project their true inner beauty.