Cankles are a very common problem that usually affects women. The term cankles describes a less than attractive lower leg. When the calf and ankle merge, they lack definition. This results in chunky ankles and column-like lower legs. While this isn’t a medical problem, it can be hard to live with. Many women feel insecure about the appearance of their lower legs. They want to wear fashionable clothing, such as skinny jeans, strappy heels, and short skirts. However, with fat ankles, they feel they cannot reveal their lower limbs. As a result, self-esteem issues can occur. Some women even become very anxious or depressed. Even as a best-case scenario, sufferers often find they have a very limited wardrobe.

Isn’t Winter A Good Time of Year for Those with Chunky Ankles?

You may think that summer would be the worst time of year for cankles sufferers. After all, you’re unlikely to be wearing shorts or swimwear in the winter! The colder season is the perfect time to wear long skirts and pants that cover up the lower legs. Yet, there’s one major issue that can make winter a real misery – boots. 

If you’re planning to go out in the rain and snow, you’re going to need a pair of boots. This can be a nightmare for those with chunky calves and ankles. Long boots can be impossible to find. Finding a pair of knee-high boots that can stretch over a wider calf and ankle can be a real challenge. While there are some specialized websites out there catering to sufferers, their boots are often very expensive.

Even booties can present a problem for those with less than perfect lower legs. Some may not fasten around a wider ankle. Others will be so tight that they practically cut off the blood circulation. Others will simply make the legs look like sausages – a less than appealing look. 

For those who are going on vacation in winter to sunnier climates, there are just as many problems. Wearing shorts, swimwear, and strappy sandals can cause a host of self-confidence issues. Often, those with poor definition in their lower leg end up covering up or hiding away on the hottest days.

If you’re tired of your lower leg issues, it’s time to look for a solution.

Is There A Natural Solution?

One of the biggest problems associated with chunky lower legs is that the causes can be unclear. For some people, the cause is obesity. While the solution may seem simple – diet and exercise – it may not be that easy. It’s impossible to spot reduce fat. That means you may lose weight overall, but your lower legs may still stay stubbornly fat. For others, the problem is a genetic one. If your family is cursed with chunky calves and ankles, you probably are, too. No amount of working out and dieting will improve their appearance. 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t eat healthily or go to the gym. Maintaining a healthy body weight and staying physically active can help to improve the muscle tone in your calves. If you participate in activities, such as jumping rope or swimming, your calf muscles can benefit. Meanwhile, losing weight if you’re obese will help to make the definition of those muscles more obvious. Still, this may not be enough for many sufferers. 

Surgery to Improve Your Legs

If diet and exercise aren’t working for you, there is another solution – cosmetic surgery. Liposuction of the lower legs is a very effective way to improve their appearance. 

Liposuction involves making small incisions in the calf and ankle area. The surgeon will, then, insert a thin cannula and suck out the excess fat. As a result, the calf muscle appears more prominent, and the leg is slimmer and more contoured.

There is a catch, however. You need to make sure you’ve chosen the right cosmetic surgeon to do the job properly. Not all cosmetic surgeons are skilled in cankle lipo. Many won’t treat this area of the body at all. This is because it’s especially difficult to produce a good result. The curve of the leg and ankle mean that achieving a smooth and even outcome is hard. You, therefore, need to choose a surgeon who specializes in this area.

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