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Are You Awake During Liposuction?

Many prospective patients ask, “Are you awake during liposuction?” The answer is, usually, yes. There are some surgeons who perform liposuction under general anesthetic. However, in most cases, local anesthetic is the first choice for safety reasons.
While some patients are anxious about being awake during their procedure, there is no cause for concern. The local anesthetic ensures that patients experience no discomfort or pain during their surgeries. Also, they benefit from reduced risks and, often, a better outcome, thanks to being awake during surgery.

Surely A General Anesthetic Is Needed to Operate on A Patient?

There is no need for surgeons to administer a general anesthetic when operating on a patient. Surgeons perform many medical procedures under local anesthetic. Dentists extract teeth using only a local anesthetic on a regular basis. In fact, surgeons sometimes perform even complex surgeries with the patient only locally anesthetized. Brain surgery, for example, sometimes requires the patient to be alert and awake throughout. Experts have proven that local anesthetic is very safe for liposuction and often even safer than a general anesthetic.

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Do Patients Experience Pain When Awake During Liposuction?

There is no need to worry about experiencing any pain when under a local anesthetic during surgery. Local anesthetics are very effective at eliminating pain. Patients will feel some pressure, but they won’t feel any discomfort or pain during the procedure. It is common for patients to have some concerns and to be nervous about their surgery. However, the surgical team will ensure that they are comfortable at all times.

What Does Local Anesthesia for Liposuction Involve?

Local anesthetics prevent the nerves from sending a signal to the brain that tells it to experience pain. When a surgeon injects a local anesthetic into the area they are treating, it becomes numb quickly. In the case of liposuction, the surgeon injects a numbing solution into the area they are treating. They also inject fluids into the area so that it will swell up. That allows the surgeon to remove the fat from the area more easily. The surgeon waits until the numbing solution fully takes effect and the patient is numb before proceeding with the surgery. Once the procedure is over, the feeling will eventually return to the area.

Why Do Surgeons Perform Liposuction Under Local Anesthetic?

There are many benefits to performing liposuction under local anesthetic. A general anesthetic requires expert care for the patient. As they are unconscious, someone must carefully monitor their respiration, heartbeat, blood pressure, and oxygenation at all times.

Patients sometimes require help to breathe during surgery too. None of this is necessary with a local anesthetic. The patient is awake, but in no pain, so there is no need to help them with breathing. Local anesthetics also result in fewer unpleasant side effects like vomiting and nausea. Any side effects after the procedure are typically mild.

Patients need to fast before undergoing a general anesthetic. That is because they could suffer from aspiration pneumonia during their surgery. There is no need to fast before a local anesthetic, so you can enjoy eating and drinking as usual. As patients require less monitoring, they can return home on the same day. Their recovery is also quicker and easier. There is a further advantage of local anesthetic for patients when it comes to liposuction.

Procedures under general anesthetic come with time pressures. Surgeons must hurry to complete the surgery so the patient doesn’t remain under anesthetic for too long. That isn’t an issue with a local anesthetic. There are no risks involved in being under local anesthetic for longer periods. Therefore, the surgeon can be more precise with smaller instruments to produce a better result.

Is It Ever Necessary to Have Lipo Under a General Anesthetic?

For most patients, a local anesthetic is ideal for liposuction and works well. If the patient is having multiple procedures simultaneously, though, a general anesthetic is needed. For example, if a patient is having both a tummy tuck and lipo, they need general anesthesia.

How Can Surgeons Achieve a Better Result Under Local Anesthetic?

A skilled surgeon can use an active lipo technique when patients have a local anesthetic. Active lipo involves the patient cooperating during the procedure. They can move and tense their muscles during the surgery to allow for a closer sculpting of the muscle. That allows for more fat removal and for a more contoured, beautiful result. As there is no rush when surgeons use a local anesthetic for their patients, they can take their time. They can use smaller instruments that achieve a more precise sculpting. As a result, the outcomes are more complete and attractive.

Not all surgeons offer active lipo, but Dr. Su at ArtLipo is the pioneer of this effective technique. Get in touch today to find out more and to arrange your appointment.

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