Arm liposuction before and after images are some of the most popular on the Artlipo website. It isn’t hard to see why. Arm liposuction has become a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure for removing fat. Patients often choose it because of the aesthetically pleasing result it can achieve. However, some misconceptions exist about lipo. Therefore, managing your expectations is the key to your satisfaction.

Why Have Arm Liposuction?

Lipo is a surgical procedure that removes stubborn fat deposits. Many people believe it’s a weight-loss tool. This isn’t true. It’s only a body sculpting and contouring procedure. It’s ideal for any patient with an area of fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. It isn’t suitable for anyone who is obese or has a lot of excess weight to lose.

How Much Fat Does This Procedure Remove?

There are limits on how much fat a surgeon may remove during any single lipo procedure. Usually, this is about 5 or 6 liters of fat. If there is more fat than this removed, blood loss and fluid shifts occur. This makes it dangerous to have more fat removed.

What Makes A Good Arm Lipo Patient?

Lipo isn’t a weight-loss method. Therefore, if you’re more than 30 pounds over your ideal body weight, it isn’t suitable for you. You should be at or near your ideal weight. You should also be a nonsmoker or prepared to quit for a few weeks before and after treatment. Your skin should also have good elasticity to ensure it can tighten up properly after the procedure.

Arm Liposuction Before and After – What Realistic Expectations Should I Have After My Surgery?

Do you have unrealistic expectations of the outcome that arm lipo surgery can achieve? Read on to learn more about the true results you could expect. 

  • Liposuction is an excellent way to remove pockets of stubborn fat. However, the amount of retraction that can occur in the skin will vary. If you have skin with good elastic quality, it will retract easily after surgery. Other patients find loose skin occurs after their procedures. Therefore, it’s important to know whether this is likely to occur to you. If the surgery is likely to leave you with a lot of excess skin, you may need another procedure. A surgeon can carry out an arm lift at the same time as lipo. This will remove both fat and skin. The result will be a more toned and attractive upper arm.
  • Liposuction won’t remove all the fat cells in your arms. So, if you gain a lot more weight in the future, the fat will come back. It’s vital, then, to maintain a healthy body weight following your procedure. This means you must eat healthily and exercise for life.
  • Lipo is a procedure that sculpts the body rather than making it thin. It isn’t a solution for weight loss. You will lose just a few pounds during the procedure. Nevertheless, the result will be a recontouring of the body that produces dramatic and cosmetically pleasing effects. 

Following Your Surgeon’s Advice

The most important thing to remember when having arm liposuction is following the advice your surgeon gives. You will receive recommendations and instructions when attending your consultation. It’s essential to adhere to these before and after your treatment. 

The advice your cosmetic surgeon gives you will help you achieve the best possible outcome in the long term. It will also guarantee your recovery is as quick and easy as possible. Some of the advice you’ll need to follow includes:

  • Don’t go back to work unless your surgeon has told you to. You will need a few days off to recover. Usually, you can resume normal activities within two weeks. You should avoid strenuous workouts for up to six weeks, though. Your surgeon will give you the green light to begin heavy lifting again.
  • Start moving about and taking easy, short walks as quickly as possible. When you’re feeling comfortable again after your procedure, it’s time to get a little active. This will minimize the chance of developing a blood clot.
  • Your surgeon will prescribe you a compression garment to wear after your surgery. This will minimize swelling and encourage better skin contraction. It’s imperative to adhere to your surgeon’s advice about when and how long you should wear this garment. Failure to wear it as advised could lead to a poor result. The swelling will take longer to subside, you may experience more pain, and the result may be uneven and lumpy. 

Before your procedure, your surgeon will always discuss with you what you expect to see after surgery. A range of factors will determine these expectations. You will also receive clear guidance about the steps to take to maintain the result. Contact Artlipo today to arrange your consultation and begin your journey to beautiful arms. You can be confident your surgeon will ensure you have a clear idea of the result you can expect. Follow your surgeon’s advice, and your arm liposuction before and after images will be everything you hoped for.