If you’ve arranged an arm liposuction procedure, you’re probably hoping to say goodbye to working out and weights. However, don’t give up your gym membership just yet! Exercise is still very important after having any kind of lipo surgery. It’s the only way to maintain the results you’ve achieved in the long term.

Liposuction isn’t a weight loss procedure. It can only shape and contour your arms. The procedure will remove the fat that is underneath your skin. But that doesn’t mean it can’t return if you don’t stick to a healthy lifestyle. Here, we look at why exercising your arms is still important post-surgery.

The Benefits of Arm Exercises before Liposuction

Many women who undergo liposuction of the arms have spent many years working on improving their appearance. They have spent a long time exercising their arms and lifting weights in an attempt to reduce their bat wings. Yet, all too often, the stubborn fat under hang remains, even after months of working out. This is because it’s impossible to reduce areas of fat.

Working out and dieting may reduce your overall body fat. However, it won’t necessarily improve the areas you desire. The arms are especially prone to excess fat accumulation that won’t move regardless of how much you exercise. Therefore, lipo is the best solution. It will permanently remove those fat cells, leaving you with slim, toned arms.

Even though you cannot reduce fat on your arms with exercises, they still offer benefits. If you exercise your arms before liposuction, you will improve your muscle definition. A stubborn fat layer may cover this before surgery. But the liposuction will reveal the beautiful contours of the muscles. This will, therefore, give you the attractive look that you desire.

Why Is Exercising My Arms So Important after Liposuction?

Although you may hope to consign those weights to the closet after surgery, that isn’t a good idea. Evidence shows that patients who don’t maintain healthy lifestyles post-procedure are more likely to gain fat again. This will negate the benefits of the procedure you’ve just gone through. You will either have to suffer fat arms again or undergo another surgery in the future.

Exercising your arms (and the rest of your body) in the long term post-surgery will ensure you maintain your results. Staying at a healthy body weight for your height will prevent you from gaining more excess fat. Therefore, you will be able to continue to benefit from the outcome of your surgery for years to come.

Should I Exercise My Arms Immediately after Surgery?

Although it’s important to exercise in the long term after liposuction, you should start working out immediately. You need to take some time to rest and recuperate after the procedure first.

Immediately after your surgery, you’ll have bruising, swelling, and some discomfort. This will soon subside, but you should not do any vigorous exercise during this time. A couple of days post-surgery, you can introduce a little light exercise into your daily regime. This should not involve your arms. Gentle walking is the best way to introduce exercise into your life after liposuction. It will move fluids around your body and boost your recovery.

Your surgeon will advise you when you can begin introducing more vigorous exercise into your regime. This may be around six weeks after your surgery. You should avoid lifting weights or moving your arms vigorously until you get the green light from your surgeon. Your body must heal before you do any strenuous exercises if you want to achieve the best outcome.

What Kind of Exercises Are Best after Arm Liposuction?

When it comes to working out after arm lipo, you should do cardio and weightlifting activities. This will ensure you preserve muscle tone and reduce fat gain. You can begin introducing light cardio exercise a couple of weeks after surgery if your surgeon agrees. You can then increase the intensity of your workout over time. When it comes to lifting weights, you should consult with your surgeon. In most cases, though, you should be able to reintroduce weights into your exercise regime again after around six weeks. You should start gently and increase the amount of weight you lift gradually over time. This will help to guard against causing any potential harm or negatively affecting the results of your procedure.

If you have any questions about exercising after your surgery, it’s important to speak with your surgeon. Your surgeon will already have given you information about the recovery period. He or she will also have given you information on how to maximize the benefits of your procedure. Nevertheless, your surgeon will be happy to answer any questions you may have or any concerns you wish to raise.

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