Celebrity Arms™ 360° HD Arm Liposuction


If you're considering arm liposuction, the Artlipo team is proud to be your top choice. We specialize in arm lipo and perform a revolutionary upper arm liposuction technique known as Celebrity Arms Liposuction. First pioneered by resident expert Dr. Thomas Su almost a decade ago, we have perfected this technique over the years.

To date, more than 2,000 women have benefited from Celebrity Arms Liposuction. This treatment gives a full 360-degree slimming of the shoulders and upper arm. It's also possible to treat the bra bulge and upper back area In the same surgery. This is a unique procedure that other clinics do not offer.

Our high-definition lipo techniques produce two to three times more complete results than those produced by traditional lipo. Not only will we slim your arms to the maximum degree, but we will also transform your upper body's appearance. There's no better way to get the Red Carpet look!

See the impressive results we can create in these videos.

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    Results that You Can See Immediately!

    You can see the immediate results achieved by Dr. Su in our Celebrity Arms procedure in our videos.

    Traditional Upper Arm Liposuction vs. Celebrity Arms

    More than 99 percent of cosmetic surgeons restrict themselves to only performing underarm liposuction when treating patients. This represents only around a third of the upper arm area. The shoulder remains untouched. This is because the shoulder, sides, and top of the arm are hard to sculpt evenly. You require an extremely skilled surgeon to sculpt these highly fibrous areas smoothly with no bumps or lumps. There is a persistent belief that loose skin will appear in the upper arm after liposuction. Therefore, surgeons take a conservative approach.

    The Celebrity Arms technique is different. It treats the whole arm and the shoulder, removing between 80 percent and 90 percent of the fat. It also treats the whole circumference of the shoulder and arm. Thanks to the specialized skills of our surgeons, we can achieve impressive slimming and skin tautness.

    High Definition Toning and Contouring of Arms


    The first thing our patients notice after Celebrity Arms surgery is the high definition and tone of their arms. Their arms are much sexier once the features, such as the triceps, biceps, and shoulder, become apparent. This toned look, made popular by Michelle Obama, Kelly Ripa, and Angelina Jolie, is highly desirable. Traditional lipo and brachioplasty are unable to achieve these impressive results. This is why Artlipo is your number one choice for arm liposuction. We're the first to offer an effective surgical approach to achieve Celebrity Arms that are unachievable through diet and exercise.

    Skin Tightening Benefits of Celebrity Arms™ Liposuction


    Every patient who has had Celebrity Arms liposuction has experienced significant skin tightening. In some cases, it may even be equal to or greater than the tightening achieved in a traditional brachioplasty. You cannot achieve this dramatic level of tightening through traditional arm lipo. Most patients with moderate looseness or hanging arm fat will experience complete skin tightening. This means there is now an effective alternative to a brachioplasty. Even those with severe looseness and fat hang will experience good retraction. They may, however, experience some wrinkles or remaining looseness that requires further surgery.

    Working Out to Achieve Arm Definition Rarely Works

    Many patients report working out on their arms for years but seeing no results. Their muscles are strong, but they are unable to develop any definition. This causes a feeling of hopelessness as thin and beautiful arms appear to be out of the question.

    The trouble with working out is that it does not eradicate arm fat. The muscles may be strong, but they remain covered with a layer of fat. Women often have a fat layer of between a half-inch to three-fourths-inch thick. This hides any muscle contours that may be there. Until you remove the fat, it's impossible to achieve the appearance of sexy, contoured arms.

    When our Artlipo surgeons perform lipo on your arms, only an extremely thin layer of fat remains. This means we will accurately follow your muscle contours. As a result of our Celebrity Arms technique, you'll immediately see sexy, toned arms, and the results will be long-lasting.

    Awake Arm Liposuction is Safer

    Awake tumescent liposuction is the only method we use for Celebrity Arms lipo. We don't use a general anesthetic. Instead, we only use a local anesthetic in the arm's fat layer. Surgeons have carried out this kind of liposuction for more than three decades, and it has proven to be safer. When you're awake during surgery, you can rule out the risks of general anesthesia. You eliminate cardiac risks and risks of blood clots, nerve injuries, and blood pressure fluctuations. Also, surgeons can use smaller instruments. This means less trauma and bruising, along with more rapid healing.

    Artistic Sculpting not Devices or Technology

    When we carry out our Celebrity Arms technique, we only use traditional liposuction cannulas and suction machines. We don't rely on technology or fluff devices to create our impressive results. We don't believe that ultrasonic technology or lasers can create beautiful results. Only humans can achieve that.

    Although other surgeons may promote new devices, such as VASER, Smart Lipo, or Aqualipo, we don’t. We think it's all marketing hype. We believe, instead, in the skill and technique of the individual surgeon.

    When we perform your arm lipo, we use a simple cannula. The only differences are the skills and techniques we use. Like Michelangelo, our surgeon only uses his eyes and hands to sculpt beautiful results, sculpting fat instead of marble.

    Dr. Su’s Interactive Liposuction is key to Celebrity Arms™ Liposuction

    Not only did Dr. Su create Celebrity Arms Liposuction, but he also created the Interactive Lipo Method. He uses this method to perform liposuction on all body areas. You can see more about how this technique works in this video.

    This method requires patients to be awake and to participate during surgery. This gives the surgeon more control and feel when sculpting fat. Since fat is soft, mobile, and fibrous, it can easily change shape during surgery. However, when patients tense their muscles, they can hold the fat more firmly. This makes it easier to control, and the surface and contour of the muscle are also easier to feel.

    Our Celebrity Arms technique is entirely dependent on the Interactive Lipo method. It allows Dr. Su to achieve results that no other doctor has been able to achieve previously. The muscles appear wonderfully toned because of the high-definition accuracy and completeness of this surgery.

    Lipo on the arms is the body area in which the Interactive lipo method is most important. The patient lies on her side and clenches her hands together or holds the table's edge. The arm is either held straight or bent, depending on the angle needed. During the sculpting process, the patient holds her arm in different positions and angles. This allows the surgeon to sculpt the muscles’ surface closely and accurately. This wouldn't be possible if the patient were asleep. Of course, the treated areas are numb, so the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure.

    Before and After Arm Liposuction Photos

    At Artlipo, we believe beautiful results are what our surgery is about. We're, therefore, proud to show our work. When you choose a cosmetic surgeon, the results he or she can achieve are paramount. Many surgeons have credentials, and you may see many of them mentioned on TV or in magazines. However, if their before and after photos fail to show a beautiful difference, it’s unlikely their work is impressive.

    We invite you to browse our extensive before and after gallery. Our photos are clear and untouched except for blue tattoos and fresh blood on photos taken immediately after surgery. All photos in our gallery show work carried out by our surgeons at Artlipo.

    In our arm liposuction gallery, you'll see the most exceptional results, with high-definition sculpting and impressive skin tightening.

    Who are good candidates for Celebrity Arms™ Surgery?

    Many women can benefit from Celebrity Arms surgery.

    Women with small fit arms that lack definition can see excellent results.


    Women who have medium-sized arms, moderate fat, and lack muscle contours can also benefit. The ideal patient will have strong muscles but up to a half-inch of fat in the lower portion and sides. This type of patient usually experiences significant slimming and excellent improvement in her muscles' shapes and contours.


    Women with large arms, moderate hang, and thick fat may also be able to benefit. Surgeons have told these women a brachioplasty is the only solution. Yet, while this would get rid of some hang, fat would remain on the sides of the arm. This would prevent the muscle contours from showing. Also, the arm would look disproportionate with lots of shoulder and side arm bulge. Celebrity Arm surgery can achieve slimming, skin tightening, and some muscle contouring.


    Women with no significant fat but mostly hang may need an arm lift after Celebrity Arms lipo. The surgeon can perform this after healing is complete, and it will remove excess skin. The final result is a slim and tight arm with less scarring than if you had a traditional brachioplasty done alone.


    Celebrity Arms™ Liposuction vs Traditional Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

    For many patients, Celebrity Arms represents an ideal alternative to brachioplasty. Since many cosmetic surgeons have more experience with cutting than liposuction, they often prefer brachioplasty to remove fat and skin. This may be the best solution for someone with very loose skin. However, for those with moderate fat and loose skin, the Celebrity Arms procedure is more effective. It gives more satisfying results than just an arm lift. It produces full slimming and excellent skin tightening, albeit occasionally, with a few wrinkles. Nevertheless, we have enough experience to advise each patient about her risk of wrinkling. This allows the patient to make a well-informed decision about the procedure.

    Benefits of Celebrity Arms Liposuction compared to a Traditional Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

    • Full arm slimming instead of just the hang
    • No cutting, so no long scars
    • Done under a local, not a general anesthetic
    • Quicker recovery and results

    Can I Fly in for Celebrity Arms™ Liposuction?

    Flying into Tampa for surgery and leaving the next day is ideal for Celebrity Arm surgery. We do arm lipo for more than 40 patients per month. At least 30 of those come from out of state or from overseas. If you want the results only we can offer, you need to fly into Tampa, Florida. Rest assured that complications after our surgeries are rare. We can easily do follow-ups by text, e-mail, and phone. Our virtual consultation for Celebrity Arms is a convenient way to discuss your surgery before flying in.

    Tampa Bay is an excellent place to have surgery as our office is just minutes from Tampa International Airport. We also have lots of attractions within an hour's drive.

    Contact us today to find out more about coming to Tampa for surgery and the cost of your treatment.

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