Are Arm Sculpting and Brachioplasty the Same Thing?

Arm sculpting is in demand at the moment. While spending hours working out builds arm muscles, it doesn’t always provide a beautiful silhouette. Not only do women want slim arms, but they also want contoured arms. Removing excess arm fat can make the arms look slimmer. However, it doesn’t always make the arms look toned. That’s why cosmetic arm surgery is so in vogue. However, there is some confusion about what sculpting of the arms really means. Many women have heard of a brachioplasty, or arm lift. They think, therefore, that it is the same thing as the sculpting of the arms. Yet, that’s only part of the story. Here, we look at everything involved in sculpting your arms to achieve perfection.

Can Arm Implants Improve My Appearance?

Some patients want larger biceps or triceps and seek out arm implants. It is possible to find a surgeon to carry out this procedure. Patients receive silicone implants, similar to those used for breast augmentation. There are potential complications, though, as the implants can rotate or flip. The final result may also be too bulky for the patient. They may also look strange in the long term if the patient loses or gains muscle.

The Brachioplasty

The best-known cosmetic arm procedure is the arm lift or brachioplasty. This surgery removes both excess fat and skin to achieve a firmer, smoother, and slimmer look. Patients with extra upper arm skin benefit from this surgery. It’s especially effective for women who have shed a lot of weight and now have loose skin on their arms. A brachioplasty slims the arm’s silhouette but doesn’t change the muscles’ appearance. Patients must work out to tone their upper arms using weights. They can begin working out their triceps, shoulders, and biceps before surgery and then continue once the incisions heal.

Arm Liposuction

Not every cosmetic surgeon offers arm liposuction, and those who provide the procedure produce mixed results. Nevertheless, in the hands of an expert, arm lipo is highly effective at sculpting the arms. Dr. Su at ArtLipo has created a comprehensive arm liposuction approach called “Celebrity Arms.” This procedure treats the entire circumference of the upper arm, including the shoulder. It removes up to 90% of excess arm fat and achieves an impressive degree of skin tightening. Dr. Su performs the procedure under a local anesthetic, so patients have a shorter recovery time. They also often see immediate results that last a long time as long as patients maintain an appropriate weight. The Celebrity Arms technique reveals the beautiful contours of the natural arm muscles. Therefore, it is a highly effective sculpting procedure. Patients who work out before undergoing surgery achieve outcomes that are even more impressive.

Which Procedure Is Right for Me?

As you can see, a brachioplasty is just one technique for sculpting the arms. There are other ways to achieve beautiful, slim arms too. To find out which procedure you need, get in touch with Dr. Su at ArtLipo today. As an expert in arm sculpting, he can help you achieve the toned arms you desire.