Arm Lift vs. Arm Liposuction for Older Patients

If you are seeking to improve the appearance of your arms, you could choose between an arm lift vs. arm liposuction. While both procedures sculpt and slim the upper arms, they are very different surgeries. Arm liposuction produces excellent results for many patients, but not everyone is a suitable candidate. Meanwhile, an arm lift is quite an invasive procedure, and not every patient requires such drastic surgery. Here is an in-depth look at these options with the needs of older patients in mind. 


Older Skin and Arm Surgery 


During the natural aging process, our skin begins to lose both collagen and elastin. Therefore, it becomes looser and less able to snap back into place. Loose skin can be a problem when having cosmetic surgery because it doesn’t return to its original shape easily. Surgeons must consider skin quality and elasticity carefully when choosing the right arm surgery for each patient. 


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Can Older Patients Have Arm Liposuction?


Arm liposuction involves removing excess fat from the upper arms. The surgeon makes tiny incisions, passes a cannula through them, breaks up the fat, and then suctions it out. If the skin is sufficiently elastic, it will return to its former tightness after healing. But if the skin is too loose, it will remain stretched and sagging when the surgeon removes the fat. 


Skin laxity is an essential consideration when planning an arm procedure. Liposuction cannot address excess skin, only excess fat. If you suffer from a lot of loose skin on your arms, liposuction won’t improve its appearance. In fact, it could make the arms look worse. 


While older people tend to have looser skin, that isn’t always the case. Some older patients may still have good skin laxity. In such cases, arm lipo could be an appropriate choice. 


Do I Need an Arm Lift?


If an individual has a lot of loose skin or poor skin elasticity, an arm lift is the best option for them. This surgery involves cutting excess skin and fat from the upper arms to produce a slimmer shape. The procedure tightens and tones the arms, improving their appearance significantly. For some older patients, it’s the best option to achieve the slim arms they desire. 


The Benefits of Celebrity Arm Liposuction


Celebrity Arms Liposuction is the most comprehensive arm lipo procedure. Instead of the surgeon only treating the underhang, which is typical, Dr. Su treats the entire circumference of the arm. As a result, he produces impressive results, removing the maximum amount of fat – often up to 90%. This surgery can also produce a remarkable degree of tightening, even for patients with moderate laxity. Some patients have avoided undergoing an arm lift thanks to Dr. Su’s skill. You can see the excellent outcomes Dr. Su achieves if you browse our before and after photo gallery.


If you are weighing up the benefit of an arm lift vs. arm liposuction, contact Dr. Su at ArtLipo today. You can arrange a consultation to find out which arm procedure is the best choice for you.