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Arm Liposuction

Before & After Results (Medium)

This gallery of Celebrity Arm™ liposuction before and after results features patients who have arms that are medium in size. Their photos and videos shown are either immediate after the surgery or after fully healed which is usually about 3 to 6 months out. Our before and after pictures are not retouched except for blurring of faces or tattoos and videos are of course unmodified. It is important to see the before and after arm liposuction photos of a surgeon in order to know what type of results that surgeon can create. We are proud of our results which are the best you will see anywhere. Please return to our main Celebrity Arm™ page to see our latest live patient videos.

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    Patient 1

    A former personal trainer and fitness competitor for over 20 years, Tia is not the type of person you would expect to need arm liposuction. However, she is a good example of the struggle that even fit women often experience. Working out regularly does not get rid of the fat on the arms very effectively. Celebrity Arms™ liposuction, however, did give Tia the sculpted look she was striving for.

    Patient 2

    Meghan is an active and athletic patient who felt that her arms looked big. She was hoping to achieve a more contoured and athletic look by having Celebrity Arms™ liposuction. Her results are pretty immediate as you can see in her video.

    Patient 3

    Jennifer is a typical patient that had fair muscle tone prior to the procedure but did not look as slim or contoured as she desired. Celebrity Arms™ liposuction gave her the slimness and toned look that would have been very difficult by exercise alone.

    Patient 4

    Skylar was very active as a swimmer who already was in good shape. She didn’t feel however, that her arms looked as fit as she felt. She was able to get the “Kelly Ripa” arms that she wanted after her Celebrity Arm™ liposuction.

    Patient 5

    Amy is a professional personal trainer that despite all her knowledge and effort could not seem to get the slim and toned look on her arms as she could on the rest of her body. In her video and photos you can see what a difference Celebrity Arm™ liposuction made.

    Patient 6

    It is amazing that Celebrity Arms™ liposuction can create such a slimming effect and at the same time give skin a much tighter appearance also. Even patients close to 40 years old with less than perfect elasticity can get amazing skin retraction.

    Patient 7

    Sara wanted smaller arms but to have definition also. In this video, Sara volunteered to be the first patient to be filmed while having the Celebrity Arms™ liposuction procedure being performed. You can see that she is comfortable, awake, and enthusiastic during the surgery. The results are seen immediately!

    Patient 8

    Diana like many of our patients had tried very hard to achieve slim arms through exercise and was disappointed that her arms looked even bigger. Through Celebrity Arm™ liposuction the fat covering the muscles was artistically sculpted away revealing her slim athletic shape below. See her immediate results in the video.

    Patient 9

    Andrea was a little skeptical that we could achieve slimmer and defined arms immediately. However, you can see in this video the results and her surprise when she sees her new arms in front of the mirror.

    Patient 10

    One of the earlier cases of circumferential arm liposuction done by Dr. Su years before Celebrity Arms™ became a defined procedure. It is amazing to see the difference between average looking arms and a very athletic and well defined arm.

    Patient 11

    This 40ish year old patient had a moderate amount of fat, and moderate skin looseness. Dr. Su’s results of arm liposuction give a tremendous amount of skin retraction and tightening which contradicts what many plastic surgeons believe, that skin will get more saggy. In fact, all of our patients will see skin retracting. Some patients, however, may see some wrinkles if their skin is very loose to begin with.

    Patient 12

    Patient 13

    Patient 14

    Patients like this who work out regularly may not always see as much muscle definition as they would like. Working out more won’t necessarily get rid of the small amount of fat hiding the muscle grooves and contours. However, Celebrity Arms™ liposuction is perfect for getting that defined look.

    Patient 15

    More slimness and muscle definition was the goal for this 30ish year old patient. Her arms look longer, leaner, and more athletic after Celebrity Arms™ liposuction.

    Patient 16

    This 40ish year old patient only had a small amount of fat removed. However, the effects were dramatic. Liposuction done with artistic intent can reveal the important muscle contours and transform average arms into very athletic arms.

    Patient 17

    This 40ish year old patient had moderate fat and looseness of her skin. We did see a complete slimming of her arm revealing nice muscle contours. She does have a slight amount of looseness which is possible with patients in their 40’s and older who start off with some looseness.

    Patient 18

    This patient in her 20’s genetically could not get rid of her arm fat despite her active working out. The results of her Celebrity Arm™ liposuction are dramatic and transform the look of her entire physique by making her whole body look thinner.

    Patient 19

    This 30ish year old patient presented with moderate fat on her arms. She had a history of large weight loss that left her with looser skin. Although her skin retracted very well with the Celebrity Arms™ liposuction, her skin did show a few wrinkles in the arm pits and along the lower edge of her arms. This patient was very happy, but patients who cannot tolerate any wrinkles may not be a good candidate.

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