Which Areas of the Arm Are Treated During Arm Liposuction Procedures?

Arm liposuction procedures are rapidly becoming more popular among women in Tampa. Achieving slim, toned arms is highly desirable. However, unfortunately, a lot of women have sagging fat and skin on their upper arms. That can spoil their appearance and lead to poor self-esteem. Arm lipo is a great way to slim the arms and eliminate fat that won’t respond to dieting and exercise. It’s important to note that not all arm lipo procedures are the same. Not all surgeons perform this surgery in the same way. Here, we visit the areas of the arm that surgeons treat during this surgery.

Treating the Upper Arm

Arm lipo procedures only treat the upper arms and not the lower arms. However, when it comes to treating the upper arms, there are some variations in which areas surgeons can address.

Most cosmetic surgeons only treat the underhang of the arm – the area they unflatteringly call the “bat wing.” The reason for this is surgeons learn that they must be conservative when treating the arms because of the possible complications. During training, they learn that removing too much fat from the arms causes sagging, loose skin. Surgeons, therefore, only remove between 30% – 50% of the fat from the upper arm to minimize any supposed sagging. The top and sides of the arm remain untreated, as does the shoulder area. As a result, many patients are dissatisfied with the result of their surgery. They see little improvement after the procedure as their surgeon removes so little fat.

Surgeons who are only removing fat from the underhang can create a disproportionate look on the arm. By treating the area conservatively, patients may find the top and sides of the arm still have excess fat, while the underhang is slimmer. Of course, fat accumulates all around the arm, not just on the underhang. Therefore, removing fat from all these areas is essential to achieve a truly toned and slim look. That means you have to find a surgeon who takes a more comprehensive approach to arm lipo.

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A 360-Degree Approach

Dr. Su at ArtLipo takes a different approach to arm lipo. Unlike other cosmetic surgeons, he takes a 360-degree approach to treating the arm. He calls it the “Celebrity Arms” procedure, and it’s very different from regular arm lipo. Instead of only treating the underhang, Dr. Su addresses all areas of the upper arm for a complete fat removal. As a result, he is able to remove as much as 90% of excess fat from the upper arm.

Which Areas Are Treated With Celebrity Arms Lipo?

While other cosmetic surgeons treat only the underhang, Dr. Su treats the top, sides, and back of the arm too. Not only that, but he also treats the shoulder. The Celebrity Arms procedure involves Dr. Su sculpting the fat closely to the muscles. That allows him to reveal the muscle’s contours and curves for a beautiful outcome. When he removes the maximum amount of fat from the arm, he creates the “red carpet” look synonymous with celebrities. The arms appear slim, taut, and perfectly contoured.

How Can the Best Result Be Guaranteed From Arm Lipo?

To guarantee the best result from your arm lipo procedure, you must choose the right surgeon. As we’ve already shown, not all surgeons treat the arm completely. Most only remove a small percentage of the excess fat. If you want to get the best possible outcome from your surgery, you should seek out Dr. Su at ArtLipo. That will ensure you will benefit from the Celebrity Arms procedure and enjoy maximum fat removal for the best result.

There are some other things you must do as a patient to ensure the best outcome too. You must take some actions both before and after your surgery to maximize the results.

First, you must take care to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully. Your surgeon will let you know what to do and what to avoid both before and after the procedure. Adhering to this advice will ensure you enjoy the best recovery.

You’ll receive a compression garment after your procedure which you must wear as prescribed. Compression garments are essential to promote good healing and a speedier recovery. Therefore, you must wear it at all times until advised otherwise. You must also avoid smoking, bathing, swimming, drinking alcohol, and participating in strenuous workouts until given the go-ahead.

Staying well hydrated and eating healthily after your procedure is also essential. You must also ensure you attend all of your follow-up appointments as arranged to check you are healing well.

You must understand that you have to put in effort to maintain the result of your surgery in the long term. You must maintain a healthy body weight by eating healthily and exercising regularly once given your surgeon’s go-ahead.

To find out more about Celebrity Arm liposuction procedures, contact Dr. Su at ArtLipo to arrange a consultation.