I’m a Side Sleeper – Will I Struggle to Get Comfortable After Arm Liposuction?

If you’re undergoing arm liposuction, you may be worried about getting comfortable after your procedure. That’s an understandable fear, especially likely if you’re a side sleeper. Putting pressure on any area the surgeon has treated with liposuction will be painful at first. As a side sleeper, you’ll be putting pressure on the treated upper arm whenever you go to bed. So, finding an alternative position is the best solution if you’re experiencing pain. For side sleepers, there may be an extra concern that sleeping in their favorite position will cause some damage. They may worry that the extra pressure on their arms will be harmful or slow down the healing process. Here, we discuss getting comfortable after your lipo procedure. We also examine whether it’s safe to sleep on your side post-surgery.

Will I Experience Discomfort After an Arm Lipo Procedure?

Arm liposuction involves the surgeon making small incisions in the upper arms. They break up and suction the fat through a cannula passed through those incisions. The movement of the cannula while breaking up and suctioning the fat causes trauma to the tissues. It is this trauma that causes pain and bruising afterward. The movement also creates small tunnels below the skin that become filled with fluid. Following arm lipo, the upper arm area is inflamed and swollen. Therefore, you’re likely to experience some discomfort after your surgery. Most people know what swelling and inflammation feel like and know that these can be painful. It, therefore, shouldn’t be too surprising that post-surgery, you’ll feel some pain. Your surgeon may prescribe painkillers for you to take. Painkillers will help to minimize your discomfort if you take them in the way that they prescribe.

Will Sleeping on My Side Be Painful After Arm Lipo?

If you put pressure on any area that the surgeon has treated, it may be painful. The swelling and bruising due to the trauma to your arm may lead to discomfort when side sleeping. You’ll be putting your body weight onto the treated area. Both the incisions and the areas with bruising from the trauma may feel tender for a while after the procedure. If your surgeon prescribes you painkillers, you can take these before you go to bed. They will help you feel more comfortable when you go to sleep, even if you do sleep on your side.

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Is Side Sleeping Dangerous After Liposuction?

If you’re a side sleeper, you may worry that your favorite sleeping position will be dangerous after lipo. Some patients worry that putting pressure on their arm after liposuction could result in a blood clot. Rest assured that side sleeping won’t cause you any harm, but it may feel uncomfortable. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that side sleeping won’t cause any long-term problems or post-surgical complications. Therefore, if you fall asleep in this position, there’s nothing to worry about.

Will Side Sleeping Cause Dents in My Arm?

Side sleeping should not cause dents to appear in your arm, at least not permanently! It’s possible that you may notice depressions in your arm when you wake up. These depressions are probably due to shifts in the normal swelling that occurs after lipo. These dents will disappear during the course of the day.

If you see dents in your arm that don’t go away during the day, you should see your surgeon. It’s likely that long-lasting depressions are due to the removal of too much fat from one area of the arm. Therefore, consulting with the surgeon is the best course of action here.

Don’t forget you should be wearing your compression garment as prescribed during the night. That should help to prevent any unevenness in your arm. A compression garment helps to speed your recovery and ensures even pressure across the treated area. You must wear it all the time immediately after your lipo surgery, even when you are sleeping. The even pressure that the compression garment exerts on your arms will help prevent depressions from forming.

Which is the Best Position to Sleep in After My Surgery?

Your surgeon will almost certainly advise you to sleep in any position that you feel comfortable in after your surgery. Essentially, though, you may want to avoid sleeping on your side until the initial pain, bruising, and swelling have subsided. Back sleeping may be the best option. It will keep the pressure away from your arms so you’ll feel no unwanted discomfort.

How Long Until I Can Sleep on My Side Again?

If it’s too uncomfortable to sleep on your side right after the procedure, don’t worry! Within a couple of weeks, you’ll probably be comfortable enough to go back to side sleeping.

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