Armpit, Bra Bulge, and Upper Back Liposuction


Liposuction of the armpit, bra bulge, and upper back areas is something that is difficult to do and is rarely done by most plastic surgeons. In fact, you may have been told that it is not possible. It is not something that is taught in most plastic surgery residency programs. Of the few surgeons that have any experience in doing these areas, it is usually self taught after years of becoming adept at doing other areas. Because of this it can be difficult to find a surgeon to treat these areas and do it well. Finding surgeons with before and after results is even more difficult.

At Artlipo Plastic Surgery we perform more liposuction of the upper back and bra rolls than any clinic in the world. This is because we happen to specialize in arm liposuction doing an advanced high definition lipo 360 of the arms and surrounding areas. This is our signature procedure called Celebrity Arms liposuction and we have performed it on thousands of patients. We do lipo of the bra bulges, arm pit, and upper back on most of our Celebrity Arm patients because without it, the arms would not look their best. So why are these areas so important and how can they make a significant difference?

Getting Rid of the Bra Bulge or Bra Rolls


If you’ve struggled with pronounced bra bulges then you know how difficult it is to choose dresses or sleeveless garments. You’ve probably also wondered how can you get rid of these bra rolls. The answer is that short of surgery there really is no way to get rid of them on your own. The bra bulges that affect women can be on the front or back or both. They typically are made much more apparent by the clothes that compress these bulges upward whether it is a bra or tight dress. Liposuction of these rolls is the most effective way to quickly and permanently reduce their size. Improvement of about 50%-70% is a good expectation. These rolls are not easy to liposuction and even when they are treated very completely, the compression of a tight dress is responsible by itself for much of the problem. So if you are looking for an answer to you bra rolls, forget diet and exercise which won’t help and contact us.

Importance of Armpit or Axilla Liposuction

Liposuction of the armpit area or axilla is even less common than bra bulge liposuction. In experienced hands it is very safe and effective. At ArtLipo we do this area almost every day on our patients while performing Celebrity Arm liposuction. Although it is adjacent and blending into the bra bulges, the armpit or axilla is distinctly different. On most women this fat pad is very minimal, however on others it can hold quite a bit of thickness. The problem with armpit fat is that in addition to making the frontal and back bra bulges look bigger, it also pushes the entire arm out laterally when the arms are down at the sides. When the arms are pushed out just a little it makes a woman’s arms look bulkier and consequently her entire upper body look bulkier. Removing this fat on some patients is therefore very important to make the entire body look better. Weight loss can help this area, but if your body doesn’t seem to lose this fat when you see your weight going down, then liposuction may be the only practical way to make it happen.

Importance of Upper Back Liposuction


Upper back liposuction is an area that is performed more routinely by many surgeons, and is often treated as part of a flank liposuction procedure. However, as the area at the very top of the flanks where liposuction ends, most surgeons are just blending out this area. This means that their liposuction is less and less complete as it reaches the upper back. At Artlipo, we do things differently. We treat the upper back as its own separate area and remove the fat more completely than most doctors treating this area. However, it is important to know that this fat is also more fibrous than most areas on the body and a 50%-70% removal is what we usually get. The reason this area is important is that looking at a woman from behind, it is obvious if this area is bulging and the appearance takes away from even fit looking arms. The result is that whole torso looks a little bulky. Trying to lose the area with weight loss can be difficult, so if you are looking for a more direct route then contact us for a liposuction quote.