Is Honesty Really the Best Policy at My Armpit Liposuction Consultation?

If you’re attending an armpit liposuction consultation, it’s imperative to be honest with your surgeon. It may be tempting to hide the truth or even lie to ensure you get the procedure you desire. Nevertheless, it couldn’t be more important to be truthful at all times.

A surgical consultation forms a vital component of the cosmetic surgery process. To get the best outcomes and to protect your well-being, your surgeon needs your honesty. You must be truthful about your medical history, your reasons for surgery, and your lifestyle. Here, we take a closer look at why honesty is the best policy.

What Does My Surgeon Need to Know

When you come to your consultation, your surgeon will ask you about several things. These will include:

  • Your reasons for considering armpit lipo.
  • Your expectations when it comes to the outcome.
  • How you feel the procedure will help you to achieve your goals.
  • Your medical background and history.
  • Your lifestyle choices and whether you’re able and willing to adhere to the surgeon’s advice.

It’s essential to be frank and upfront when answering these questions. Even omitting a small detail may have serious consequences.

The Importance of Medical History

Sometimes, patients fail to understand the importance of disclosing all medical issues in their past. In some cases, this is because they simply think they aren’t relevant or important. In others, it’s because they’re afraid the surgeon won’t proceed with their surgery when they learn the truth. Being honest is vital to your safety, though. Some medical conditions can pose an increased risk during surgery. Your surgeon cannot keep you safe and achieve the best result if you fail to disclose everything. The more details you give your surgeon about your health conditions, the more effectively they can prevent a dangerous complication.

Can I Tell the Surgeon I Drink Less Alcohol Than I Really Do?

Patients often worry about telling their surgeon about their actual alcohol intake level. However, it’s key to inform your cosmetic surgeon if you regularly drink heavily. Alcohol can have a severe impact on your surgical outcomes. It can cause the skin to become excessively dry, resulting in worse scarring after surgery. Also, alcohol naturally thins the blood, which is dangerous when you have surgery. If you drink alcohol after liposuction, excessive swelling can occur. It’s also dangerous to consume alcohol while taking certain pain medications. Therefore, being honest with the surgeon about the amount of alcohol you consume is essential. They can then determine your risks and ensure your procedure is safe.

I Only Smoke Socially or Vape, So Can I Say I’m a Non-smoker?

You must avoid smoking before and after armpit lipo. Nicotine stops wounds from healing properly. Smoking will also restrict the blood flow, limiting the oxygenation of the tissues and organs. Smokers may also experience more pain and a greater risk of infection. If you vape, you need to tell your surgeon, as e-juices also contain nicotine. Even if you only occasionally smoke or vape, telling your surgeon is vital. They can then inform you of the risks.

When you arranging your armpit liposuction consultation with Dr. Su at ArtLipo, you must be honest and upfront. That way, you’ll enjoy the best possible outcomes.