Can Arm Lipo Be Combined with Other Procedures?

Arm lipo is a popular surgery to remove excess fat on the upper arm area. More women than ever are keen to replicate the celebrity red carpet look with toned, slim arms. Unfortunately, it’s surprisingly difficult to achieve this look naturally. Although dieting and exercising can help in some cases, they are a waste of time in many.

If your arms are large because you’re overweight, you may find that dieting and working out reduce the bulk. If you shed the pounds, you’ll lose weight across your whole body. This should also reduce the size of your arms. However, there is no guarantee. The upper arms are prone to excess fat accumulation. Therefore, even if you reach your target weight, you may be disappointed to discover your arms remain large.

It can be very discouraging if you’re already at your ideal body weight but still have large arms. While working out can tone the muscles, you cannot see them if there is a layer of fat. Removing that fat layer is necessary to achieve the beautiful, contoured red carpet look.

This is where arm liposuction comes in. By permanently removing those excess fat cells, it can give you the slim arms of your dreams. When you have gotten rid of the layer of fat, the natural curves of the muscle become apparent. This makes your arms look wonderfully toned, slim, and stunning.

However, if you’re considering arm liposuction, you may be wondering if lipo alone can address your problem. Is it worth having slim, toned arms if you have a bra bulge? Or will arm liposuction even work if you have excess skin along with the fat?

The good news is you can combine arm liposuction with other procedures to help contour your body to perfection. Two procedures are especially popular in combination with arm liposuction. These address similar areas of the body and produce a complete effect when done together.

Arm Liposuction and An Arm Lift

Combining an arm lift (or brachioplasty) with arm liposuction is an ideal solution for some women. This combined procedure is a good idea if you have excess fat and excess skin. Liposuction can only remove fat, not skin. If you have lost lots of weight and have sagging arm skin, you may need to have this skin removed. Lipo cannot achieve this.

When you have these two procedures done simultaneously, they will remove any residual fat in the upper arm. Often, after weight loss, there will still be pockets of stubborn fat. Liposuction can remove this. The surgeon can then beautifully sculpt the remaining fat close to the muscle for a toned look. He or she will also remove the excess, sagging skin on the arms. The final result is a beautifully slim and contoured arm.

Liposuction of the Arm and Bra Bulge

Two popular procedures to combine are liposuction of the arm and the bra bulge. If your arms are large and you also experience the bra-bulge phenomenon of excess armpit fat, one surgery can help. You can treat both areas simultaneously, removing excess fat in both areas of the body. This will give you an all-around beautiful look, with slim arms and no bulge to spoil the look.

Why Combine Procedures?

There are several benefits to combining two procedures in a single surgery. For a start, you can save money by opting for both procedures at once. Also, you can save yourself time and discomfort. Having two separate procedures means you will be out of work twice and recovering twice. This isn’t just time-consuming; it’s also doubling your discomfort. Opting to have both procedures at the same time allows you to only take time off work once. You’ll also see a complete result from your surgery. You won’t need to wait for a second procedure to achieve your perfect physique. You’ll feel confident from day one, knowing you’ve addressed both problem areas with no need for further surgery.

Choosing A Surgeon

If you’re planning to combine procedures, you need to be sure you’ve chosen a suitably skilled surgeon. Carrying out two procedures at once means that the surgeon needs to take extra care.

Here at Artlipo, our surgical team members are experts in the field. We have extensive experience in carrying out combined procedures. You can check out our before and after photo gallery to see the impressive results that we have achieved. You can be entirely confident that your surgery will be in the safest possible hands.

Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more about combining cosmetic surgery procedures to achieve your perfect look. We can give you all the expert advice and information that you need to make an informed decision. We can also arrange a consultation with our expert surgeons. They will be able to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for arm lipo combined with another procedure.