Can Botox Address Saggy Arms?

If you have saggy arms, you may wonder how to improve their appearance. Nobody wants to have loose skin and fat on their upper arms. Therefore, finding ways to create a more toned and contoured look is crucial. For many women with this problem, the idea of having surgery is worrying. It isn’t much of a surprise that so many of them look for non-surgical solutions. One option that some women consider is Botox injections. These injections are famous for tightening facial skin to create a younger look. But can they help with sagging arms?

Why Do I Have Sagging Arms?

There are several different causes of sagging arms. Some of the most common are rapid weight gain and then weight loss, genetics, and the natural aging process. People with sagging arms either have excess skin, excess fat, or both.

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What Is Botox?

Botox injections are injections of botulinum toxin. They prevent the muscles from moving for a certain period of time. Some people have facial Botox injections. These aim to reduce wrinkles and help them look younger. But these injections can have a medical purpose too. Some people have them to:

• Treat muscle spasms
• Treat an overactive bladder
• Treat excess sweating
• Treat a lazy eye
• Treat migraines

One thing that Botox cannot do is help with excess skin or excess fat.

Can Botox Be Used on The Arms?

Botox paralyzes the muscles but does not affect the fat or the skin. It’s safe to use Botox on the arms. Some medical practitioners inject Botox into patients’ arm muscles to prevent muscle spasms. It’s also possible to use Botox in the arm muscles to reduce the bulging of overdeveloped muscles. It won’t help with sagging arms, though.

Are There Any Non-Surgical Ways to Improve Sagging Arms?

Unfortunately, there aren’t really any non-surgical ways of improving sagging arms. There’s a common misconception that exercising improves their appearance. While working out may help in mild cases of sagging due to excess fat, there’s no guarantee it’ll help. There are also some lotions and creams that claim to tighten the skin. Again, though, these aren’t proven to work, and any effects will be mild and short-lived. Some treatments like radiofrequency microneedling are available and promise to help tighten the skin. But these only work in cases of very mild sagging; they won’t eliminate any excess fat. Brachioplasty or liposuction are the best options for improving your sagging arms.

How Do I Find the Right Surgical Treatment for My Arms?

If you have lots of excess skin causing sagging of your arms, an arm lift is the best treatment. A brachioplasty will eradicate excess skin and fat, creating a slimmer and more contoured shape. On the other hand, if your sagging is due to excess fat, liposuction is the best treatment. Celebrity Arms Liposuction can help eliminate the maximum amount of excess fat while producing an impressive tightening effect. To find out more about how this procedure could help improve your saggy arms, contact Dr. Su at ArtLipo today.