Can I Combine Arm Liposuction And Lift To Achieve My Desired Result?

Are you wondering whether a combination of arm liposuction and lift will help you achieve your desired result? Many surgeons will offer these two procedures simultaneously during a single surgery. However, you may not need to have such a drastic procedure. Many women can achieve their desired result from arm liposuction alone. The key to success is choosing the perfect surgeon for your procedure. 

What Is the Difference Between Arm Liposuction and An Arm Lift?

There are several key differences between arm liposuction and an arm lift.

Arm liposuction:

  • Is less invasive than an arm lift.
  • Is performed under a local anesthetic.
  • Involves making tiny incisions in the area the surgeon is treating and then suctioning out the excess fat.
  • Results in minimal scarring.
  • Has a shorter and easier recovery period.

An arm lift:

  • Is a very invasive procedure.
  • Is carried out under a general anesthetic.
  • Involves cutting away the excess fat and skin to tighten the upper arm.
  • Results in scarring, which may remain visible.
  • Has a more extended and painful recovery period than liposuction.

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Do I Need Both Procedures?

Some patients will benefit from having only arm liposuction, whereas others will find an arm lift more appropriate. There are also some patients who can benefit from having both procedures at once. Which procedure or combination of procedures you need depends on your individual case.

An arm lift addresses loose skin, so if you have a lot of loose skin, an arm lift is best for you. Meanwhile, arm lipo addresses excess fat. If that’s your problem, lipo is the best option, as liposuction cannot eliminate excess skin.

Things become more difficult if you have both excess fat and skin. A combined procedure may be the solution to getting rid of both excess fat and skin. However, Dr. Su at ArtLipo produces impressive results from Celebrity Arms Liposuction. His arm liposuction procedures can achieve a good degree of tightening for patients with moderate skin laxity. As a result, many patients don’t need to have an arm lift.

What Is Celebrity Arms Liposuction?

Celebrity Arms Liposuction is Dr. Su’s specialist arm lipo treatment. His pioneering technique involves the use of Active Liposuction, which makes it different from regular arm lipo. It is a far more complete surgery that removes up to 90% of the excess arm fat. The procedure involves the patient participating in the surgery to get the most contoured result.

They move and tense their arm muscles so Dr. Su can sculpt as close as possible to the muscle. This surgery not only removes the maximum amount of fat, but it also produces a skin-tightening effect. Even patients with moderate skin laxity on their arms can experience impressive skin tightening. As a result, the Celebrity Arms procedure can prevent some patients from having to undergo a brachioplasty.

To find out more about whether you need a combined arm liposuction and lift surgery, contact Dr. Su today. You can arrange a consultation to determine which procedure is best for your needs.