Can I Have Upper Arm Liposuction if I’ve Had Arm Lipo Before?

If you’ve already undergone arm lipo, you may wonder whether you can have upper arm liposuction again. Sometimes, patients aren’t completely happy with the result of their arm lipo surgery. In other cases, patients gain weight after their procedure and need another surgery to restore their contours. In these situations, patients may seek out arm lipo for a second time. But is a second procedure possible after already having arm lipo once? The good news is that, yes, repeat liposuction procedures are possible. However, there are some considerations to take into account.

What Does Upper Arm Lipo Involve?

Upper arm lipo is a cosmetic surgery procedure that surgeons perform under a local anesthetic. The surgeon begins by creating tiny incisions in the upper arms. They then use a narrow cannula, passing it through the incisions and using it to break up the fat. Once this is complete, they suction out the fat cells, sculpting the arm to create a slimmer, more attractive shape. The patient benefits from a more contoured, appealing arm silhouette. They also enjoy greater self-confidence and can wear sleeveless tops again without anxiety or embarrassment.

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What Do I Need to Consider if I’ve Had Arm Lipo Before?

If you have already undergone arm lipo in the past, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, you need to find a skilled and experienced surgeon who carries out repeat arm lipo procedures regularly. You will need your chosen surgeon to evaluate the area you require treating. They will need to assess the result of your earlier procedure and determine what further work you need. They must also discuss any complications or issues that arose during or after your original surgery with you.

Another consideration is whether or not there is any scar tissue remaining from your first surgery. Scar tissue can make a second procedure in the same area more complicated and can impact the result.

If your first arm lipo procedure was quite recent, it’s important to leave sufficient healing time before repeating the surgery. It can take as long as six months to see the full result of your original surgery. You must wait at least six months after your surgery to ensure that the healing process is complete. Waiting this length of time will also ensure that further work is definitely necessary.

A key consideration when undergoing arm lipo for the second time is your expectations of the outcome. You must be realistic about what it is possible to achieve. You must discuss the possible limitations and challenges of a repeat procedure with your surgeon. They will be able to help you understand the result you can expect.

Are There Alternatives to Repeat Arm Lipo?

If you are dissatisfied with the result of your arm lipo surgery, it’s possible you may need a different procedure. An arm lift could be a suitable alternative. This surgery involves cutting away the excess fat and skin from the upper arm. If you have a lot of excess arm skin, this surgery may be right for you.

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