Can I Take Allergy Medication Before Liposuction Under My Arms?

If you’re planning to undergo liposuction under the arms, you must avoid several things before your surgery. Surgeons usually inform patients about the different things they’ll have to quit before they have their surgeries. These include things such as smoking, vaping, and drinking alcohol. But it may surprise you to discover there are some medications you have to avoid as well. What about your regular allergy medication? Will you need to stop taking it before undergoing surgery? Here, we find out more about whether your allergy medications are safe if you are going to have liposuction procedures.

Why Do Medications Pose a Problem for Liposuction Surgery?

Certain medications can cause a problem with any kind of surgery, including liposuction. Some over-the-counter remedies, herbal supplements, and even prescribed medicines can cause issues with healing and blood loss. That can make them dangerous when having a procedure. There are also some medications that you need to avoid when having a general anesthetic. However, since surgeons perform liposuction with the patient under a local anesthetic, you don’t need to avoid these treatments.

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Are There Different Types of Allergy Medications?

There are different types of allergy medications, which means you need to determine which type of medication you’re taking. Decongestants, corticosteroids, and antihistamines are all common options for allergy medications. You could even be using a combination of these different medicines. Allergy medicines can also come in different forms, from tablets to drops and nasal sprays. Some of them will make you feel a little drowsy while others don’t. Some are also safer to take before surgery than others. Therefore, it’s vital to be aware of which type of medication you use.

What Kinds of Medications Must I Avoid Before Lipo?

Certain medications could cause medical problems if you’re having any kind of surgery, including liposuction procedures. You can buy some potentially dangerous medications over the counter. They include:

  • Aspirin
  • NSAIDs (non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Anticoagulants
  • Herbal diet supplements like St John’s Wort
  • Indian or Chinese herbs
  • Vitamin E
  • Some birth control medications

Some allergy medications, specifically decongestants, can increase blood pressure. That means you should avoid them before any kind of surgery for your safety. Most other types of antihistamines are safe to take before liposuction. In fact, the antihistamines may even be helpful as you will be more comfortable if you aren’t suffering from hay fever.

It’s vital to tell your surgeon about all the different supplements and medications you take during your consultation. Your surgeon can advise you about which ones are safe to continue taking and which you should stop before surgery. They’ll let you know when to stop taking potentially harmful medicines and when it’s safe to start retaking them. It’s essential to follow your surgeon’s instructions when taking medication before you have surgery.

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