Can Liposuction Help With Saggy Skin on the Arms?

Saggy skin on the arms is a problem that many women experience, especially as they get older. Although it isn’t a medical issue, it can cause low self-confidence. Many people suffering from saggy arm skin try to cover up with long sleeves. That can present problems on hot days or when going swimming. Finding a solution is crucial, and liposuction is one possible option.

Why Does Skin Sag on The Arms?

The skin on the arms can sag for several reasons. Excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause damage that results in sagging. Rapid weight loss can also cause this problem. Two of the most common causes are genetics and the natural aging process. As we mature, we can lose collagen and elastin in our skin. That leaves the skin looking wrinkled and loose. Although some skin sagging is common, that doesn’t mean it isn’t upsetting. Often, people who suffer from this issue have poor body image and low self-confidence.

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How Does Liposuction Help Improve the Appearance of The Arms?

Liposuction of the arms is a surgical procedure that permanently removes excess fat from the upper arm area. Surgeons carry out this procedure with the patient under a local anesthetic. They make a small incision in the upper arm and pass a cannula into it. They then use the cannula to break the fat up and suction it away. They then sculpt the remaining arm fat to create a more aesthetically appealing contour. A talented surgeon is able to create slimmer, more attractive arms using the latest liposuction techniques.

Does Liposuction Remove Excess Skin?

Liposuction removes excess fat, but it cannot get rid of excess skin. If you have saggy arms because of excess fat, liposuction is a good solution for you. However, if the problem is down to excess skin, liposuction won’t help. If you have a large amount of loose skin, you will need to have an arm lift. Nevertheless, if you have excess fat and a moderate amount of skin looseness, the best liposuction specialist can help. Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a pioneer of the Celebrity Arms technique. This 360-degree lipo of the arms removes up to 90% of the excess arm fat. He sculpts the fat close to the muscle to achieve a beautiful, slim result. His techniques also produce an impressive amount of skin tightening too.

How Does an Arm Lift Help?

An arm lift is a far more drastic arm contouring procedure when compared with liposuction. Both surgeries create slimmer, more attractive arms. However, the techniques are very different. An arm lift improves sagging skin by cutting it away. It produces tighter, slimmer arm contours, although there is a higher chance of scarring due to the longer incisions. The recovery process is also more prolonged and more painful.

The only way to determine which procedure you need to eradicate sagging arm skin is to seek professional advice. You should arrange a consultation with a skilled cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Su at ArtLipo. He can help you to get rid of saggy skin on the arms with his cutting-edge liposuction techniques.