What Kind Of Compression Garment Must I Wear After Armpit Fat Removal?

More women than ever before are asking for armpit fat removal here at ArtLipo. It isn’t hard to see why. This procedure is highly effective at eliminating the “bra bulge” that plagues so many women. By removing the excess fat in this problematic area of the body, armpit liposuction creates a slim and smooth silhouette.

However, after this procedure, it’s essential to wear a compression garment. Without one, recovery is slower, healing is less efficient, and compromising of outcomes is possible. So, what kind of compression garment do you need to wear after this surgery? Here, we look at why compression garments are so important post-liposuction and which ones are best.

What Are Compression Garments?

If you think about compression garments, you may imagine celebrities in Spanx. However, compression garments designed for medical purposes aren’t quite the same thing. They’re more high-tech and advanced. They have specially constructed designs to promote healing and enhance the results of the surgery. There are different types of compression garments for various body parts. However, all work in the same way – by applying pressure and encouraging healing. Made out of strong and synthetics fabrics such as Lycra and nylon, compression garments stretch to apply pressure. They come in different sizes and styles, so many patients can wear them. For example, you can find girdle-like garments, stockings, chin straps, and sleeves.

Arm Sleeves Are Appropriate After Armpit Liposuction

After armpit liposuction, your surgeon will prescribe you arm sleeves to wear. These are special compression garments for use after treatment of the arm and underarm area. They extend from shoulder to wrist. After underarm liposuction, the best garments cover the chest area and fasten at the front. They, therefore, provide adequate pressure on all the treated areas and tissues. You must ensure that your compression garment covers the entire treated area. Otherwise, there may be visible differences between the covered and uncovered areas after recovery.

Why Do I Need To Wear Compression Sleeves After Armpit Lipo?

There are several reasons why you need to wear compression sleeves after armpit liposuction:

  • Reducing swelling. Wearing compression sleeves after underarm lipo helps your body to recover. It also improves your comfort as you heal. During recovery, your body will naturally produce fluid. This fluid may accumulate and expand. Discomfort and swelling can be the result of excess fluid, and it could prolong the recovery process. Compression sleeves supply even pressure over the treated area, which prevents excessive build-up of fluid and helps the body to absorb the fluid that accumulates.
  • Decreasing bruising. After armpit liposuction, you’ll experience some bruising. How long it lasts and how severe it will be will vary. However, you can minimize it by wearing compression sleeves. Bruising occurs after trauma to the blood vessels. If there is an injury to the blood vessels, the blood enters surrounding tissues, discoloring the skin over the site. Compression sleeves apply consistent pressure to help stop bleeding. They also prevent the blood from heading to the surface of the skin, so you will have reduced bruising.
  • Minimizing scarring. Some patients experience scarring after armpit lipo, but it’s rarely serious. The incisions are very small. Surgeons also locate them strategically so they’ll barely be visible. The amount of scarring will depend on several factors, including patient genetics and the techniques used. Compression sleeves can minimize scarring, though, by softening and flattening the hidden scars.
  • Improving results. You want to ensure the best possible outcome from your procedure. Wearing compression sleeves helps improve your new contours. The supportive garment allows the body to adapt to a new shape and reduces the likelihood of skin wrinkling or laxity. As a result, your outcome will look tighter, smoother, and more attractive. Many patients find wearing compression sleeves also facilitates easier movement and improves posture after liposuction.

Are There Any Risks Linked To Wearing Compression Sleeves?

Compression sleeves are supposed to be tight, but some patients find them uncomfortable. It can take time to get used to wearing them, especially immediately after surgery when swelling is more severe. However, compression sleeves shouldn’t put excess pressure on treated areas. Excessive compression is painful. It could also increase the chances of a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or pressure necrosis. Poorly fitting and improperly worn compression sleeves may cause surface irregularities or seroma formation. Therefore, discussing any concerns with your surgeon is imperative.

How Do I Wear My Compression Sleeves?

You must always follow your surgeon’s advice about how to wear your compression sleeves after your armpit liposuction. Your surgeon will tell you how long you need to wear your garment for. They will also tell you how often you can remove your compression sleeves.

If you have any questions about how to wear your compression garment after surgery, contact the ArtLipo team today. We’ll give you all the information you need after your armpit fat removal procedure to ensure optimal results.