Are There Different Types of Arm Liposuction Procedures?

If you’re looking into the possibility of undergoing an arm liposuction procedure, you need to be well informed. One question prospective patients ask is whether there are different types of procedures. The answer to this is yes. However, not all surgeons offer all of them, and not all are equally effective. Here, we discuss some of the various kinds of arm lipo you can have today. 

Arm Liposuction Types

There are various types of arm lipo available today. Not all surgeons offer all of these options. Some of the most common types of arm lipo you may see include:

  • Suction-assisted (tumescent) lipo: This method is the most common technique. It involves the surgeon injecting a sterile solution into the area they are treating. The area swells, making it easier to remove the excess fat through a cannula.
  • Power-assisted: This technique involves the surgeon using a cannula that moves rapidly backward and forward. It is useful for pulling out tough, stubborn fat. Surgeons often use this technique to remove large amounts of fat.
  • Laser-assisted: This procedure involves the surgeon using a laser high-intensity light to help break the fat down.
  • Ultrasound-assisted: This procedure involves the surgeon inserting an ultrasonic rod under the skin. This metal rod ruptures the walls of the fat cells and breaks the fat down. Vaser is one popular ultrasound-assisted liposuction technique.

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Which Arm Lipo Method Works Best?

Some lipo methods are more effective than others. While those who offer these surgeries claim that they all work well, not all the procedures produce such good results. Ultrasound-assisted and laser-assisted surgeries, for example, produce less impressive outcomes. Experts widely believe that tumescent lipo is the most effective lipo method for all areas of the body.

Why is Tumescent Liposuction Most Effective?

Surgeons believe that tumescent liposuction is the most effective method for several reasons. First, it allows for easier dislodgement of the fat. That means the surgeon can remove it more easily to produce results that are more precise and natural-looking. The fluid used in this procedure also helps to reduce blood loss. The fluid contains epinephrine which constricts the blood vessels. As a result, there is less bleeding and swelling. Furthermore, the fluid also contains lidocaine, eliminating the need for a general anesthetic. Since this technique leads to less swelling, bruising, and bleeding, patients have a shorter and more comfortable recovery period.

Is All Tumescent Liposuction for Arms the Same?

All tumescent liposuction techniques are similar. They all use the same fluid and equipment. But the way in which the surgeon performs the technique can be different. Most surgeons perform standard tumescent lipo on the arms. That means they treat only the underhang and only remove a small amount of fat.

At ArtLipo, Dr. Su specializes in Celebrity Arms Liposuction. This procedure is still a tumescent liposuction procedure, but it is more complete. Dr. Su treats the entire circumference of the arm and sculpts closely to the muscle. The patient is active during the surgery, tensing their muscles and moving positions to allow for closer sculpting. As a result, Dr. Su can remove more fat, and the patient benefits from a slimmer, more toned arm.

Only Dr. Su at ArtLipo offers the Celebrity Arms liposuction procedure. Reach out today to arrange your consultation to find out whether you’re a good candidate for this surgery.