Exercise & Dieting or Surgical Armpit Fat Removal? Which is Right for Me?

More women than ever before are inquiring about surgical armpit fat removal. Tired of the bra bulge, they’re seeking ways to improve the appearance of their upper bodies. However, some women are wary of seeking out cosmetic surgery. They often wonder if exercise and dieting could resolve the problem the natural way.

It isn’t always easy to decide how to address your armpit fat. In some cases, taking the natural approach through changing your lifestyle may work for you. In others, exercising and dieting could be a complete waste of time.

Here, we take a look at why armpit fat occurs and what you can do about it.

Why Do I Have Armpit Fat?

Many women have armpit fat, even if they are slim. Extra fat in the underarm and chest area can occur in people of all sizes, ages, and weights. Sometimes, armpit fat only appears when wearing tight clothing that pushes the fat and skin upward. Sometimes, though, armpit fat stubbornly remains, whatever you wear. There are several reasons for this, including:

Hormonal Causes

Breast tissues are sensitive to changes in hormones. Your breast tissue can change if you’re pregnant, menstruating, or going through puberty or menopause. This can increase the appearance of fat or skin between your underarm and breast.

If you have too much breast tissue, this can look like armpit fat. Axillary breast tissue occurs when breast tissue grows outside the usual breast area. It tends to occur in the armpits. This is a relatively rare condition and only occurs in around 2 to 6 percent of women. This tissue will also respond to fluctuations in hormones. This could lead to the fat appearing lumpier or thicker during menstruation or pregnancy.


We have lymph nodes throughout our bodies. If the glands in your armpits swell, this could be a sign of lymphedema. This swelling could create the appearance of excess armpit fat. Swelling in the lymph nodes may result from infections or injuries to the hands or arms.

Poor Posture

Although poor posture doesn’t cause excess armpit fat, it makes it look more obvious. If you stand with your shoulders rolled forward, you will have a more pronounced armpit fall. If you stand up straight, this could help improve the appearance of your armpit area.


If you’re obese or overweight, you may find that you have fatty deposits under or in your armpits. Subcutaneous fat often distributes itself in the underarm area. Therefore, if you gain weight, your armpit and breast area will often appear larger.


Genetic factors primarily determine the way your body distributes fat. Therefore, even if you’re otherwise slim, you may find that your armpit area is bulkier. If your relatives suffer from armpit fat, there’s a good chance you will, too.

When Can Dieting And Exercise Help?

If obesity is the cause of your armpit fat, dieting and exercise could be helpful. If you lose weight, you should lose fat all over your body. This could improve the appearance of your underarm area. However, this is by no means guaranteed. It’s impossible to reduce fat in any one area of the body. It’s quite possible that, even if you shed the pounds, your armpit area will remain stubbornly fat. This is especially the case if you are genetically predisposed to larger armpits. In such cases, you will need to consider surgical options to address the problem.

Could Surgery Help?

If your armpit fat is because of a medical reason, consulting your doctor should be your first action. If you suspect hormonal shifts or lymphedema are causing your problem, your physician can offer you advice. He or she may also be able to offer you treatment to resolve the issue.

If your armpit fat is because of genetics, though, surgery is your best and, indeed, often the only option. Liposuction of the armpit area is a highly effective way to reduce fat. As it permanently removes the excess fat cells, it can resolve your fat armpits for good.

What Does Armpit Liposuction Involve?

When you have armpit liposuction, the surgeon will treat you while you’re under a local anesthetic. This is a safer option and allows you to go home the same day. The surgeon will make tiny incisions in the armpit area and suck out the fat through these incisions using a cannula. The surgeon can sculpt the fat to produce a more shapely, slim appearance. Once you have recovered from the procedure, you’ll notice that your armpits are much slimmer. You will be able to wear tight clothing without worrying about a bra bulge. This will improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you’re interested in finding out more about surgical armpit fat removal, contact the Artlipo team today. We can give you the information