Is It Worth Getting Upper Arm Liposuction in the Fall?

Many women choose to have their upper arm liposuction in the spring. This is because they want to wear strappy tops and swimwear during the warm summer months. Being able to show off their arms in the hot weather is an appealing prospect. Yet, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth having lipo on your arms during the fall. In fact, it could be the perfect choice for you.

The Weather Is Cooler

When you have any body contouring procedure, you need to wear a compression garment after your surgery. You must wear this tight garment all day for a few weeks after the procedure. This can be somewhat uncomfortable and hot during warm weather. During the fall, the weather will almost always be cooler. Therefore, having your arm lipo at this time of year is the perfect choice. You won’t feel sweaty and restricted when you wear your compression garment. You could even enjoy the benefit of the extra warmth if the days are especially cold!

You’ll Be Better Able to Hide the Swelling and Bruising

During the fall, you’ll probably be wearing long sleeves. This will help you to cover up the swelling and bruising you’ll naturally experience after lipo. Although the incisions for arm lipo are very small, they’ll still leave tiny scars at first. By the time the warmer weather returns and you return to wearing short sleeves, those scars will have faded.

The Holiday Season Is Just Around the Corner

Another reason to consider arm lipo during the fall is that the holiday season isn’t far away. Everybody wants to look good at his or her holiday parties, and it isn’t just summertime that people wear arm-revealing clothing! What better way to ensure you’re looking your best than by having upper arm lipo? You’ll be able to wear glamorous dresses in style, safe in the knowledge your arms look beautiful.

More Appointment Availability

Many women still seek out arm liposuction during the spring season so they can be ready for summer. This means that there’s likely to be more availability for appointments in the fall. You’ll find it easier to book your consultation and get your surgery more quickly at this time of year. It may also be easier to get time off work to recuperate after your surgery during the fall season. Fewer people tend to take vacations outside the typical peak seasons. Therefore, you may not have to compete with colleagues needing to take time away from the workplace.

Arrange Your Fall Liposuction Today

Now that the summer is coming to an end, there’s never been a better time to have cosmetic surgery. Here at Artlipo, we can give you all the information you need to decide on liposuction. As specialists in the field, we’re on hand to give you our expert advice.

If you’re ready to arrange your upper arm liposuction this fall, contact Artlipo now. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and booking your first consultation.