How Do I Know Which Arm Procedure is Right for Me?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your arms, an arm procedure could be the ideal solution. However, there is more than one option to choose from. Here, we take a closer look at the various surgeries you may choose from to address your arms. We examine what each can achieve and who is a good candidate for each.

Two Arm Procedures

There are two different arm procedures available to help patients who wish to improve the appearance of their arms. The first is an arm lift or brachioplasty. The second is arm liposuction. Although both procedures treat the upper arms, they are very different types of surgery.

Both procedures produce slimmer, more contoured arms but the ways in which surgeons achieve them are very different.

An arm lift involves cutting away the excess fat and skin on the upper arms. It is a more invasive procedure carried out under a general anesthetic. It has a longer recovery period and requires longer incisions.

Arm liposuction addresses only excess fat on the upper arms. The procedure involves making small incisions in the arms and suctioning out the fat cells. It is a far less invasive procedure than a brachioplasty, performed under a local anesthetic. The recovery time is also shorter.

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Who Is A Good Candidate To Have An Arm Lift?

A good candidate for an arm lift will have excess fat and skin on their upper arms. They will have been unable to improve their appearance with diet and exercise. Many people who have an arm lift have lost a lot of weight, leaving them with lots of loose skin. In many cases, skin doesn’t tighten naturally. Therefore, surgery is the only solution. A good arm lift candidate will also be the right body weight for their height and be in good health. They’ll also have realistic expectations about their surgery’s outcomes and will be prepared to follow instructions.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Arm Lipo?

A good lipo candidate will have excess upper arm fat and only a small to moderate amount of excess skin. Like patients undergoing an arm lift, an arm lipo patient should be the right weight and in good health. They should have realistic expectations about their outcomes and be willing to follow their surgeon’s instructions too.

Most cosmetic surgeons take a conservative approach to arm liposuction, removing just a small percentage of fat from the underhang. At ArtLipo, Dr. Su takes a more comprehensive approach. His Celebrity Arms procedure produces far more impressive outcomes. By treating the entire circumference of the arm, Dr. Su removes up to 90% of fat. His surgery also tightens the arm skin to an impressive degree. In fact, some patients who would otherwise require an arm lift can see good results from Celebrity Arms lipo. To find out more about whether Celebrity Arms lipo is right for you, get in touch with ArtLipo. We can arrange a consultation to determine which arm procedure is the best option for you.