How Long Must I Wear a Compression Garment After an Arm Lift?

If you’re planning an arm lift, it’s important to understand what you need to do after the procedure. You cannot simply return to your everyday activities immediately after your surgery. Instead, your surgeon will advise you about what you should do and what you should avoid in the weeks after your procedure. One of the things they will advise you to do is wear a compression garment. It’s essential to follow your surgeon’s advice about this garment very carefully.

What Does Brachioplasty Surgery Involve?

Brachioplasty surgery, or arm lift surgery, is an invasive surgery to improve the appearance of the upper arms. The surgeon carries out the procedure under a general anesthetic, so the patient is unconscious throughout. They make a long incision along the upper arm. They then cut away the excess fat and skin and close the incision. Afterward, the arm is slimmer, tighter, and more toned. It’s likely that the patient will have some scarring, but a skilled surgeon can hide them well. After the surgery, the surgeon fits the patient with a compression garment to wear on their arms. They must wear this garment for some time after surgery to help promote healing.

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What is a Compression Garment?

A medical compression garment has a different construction from fashion shapewear but is similar in design. Compression garments stretch from synthetic, strong fabrics like lycra and nylon to apply pressure onto a specific body area. Compression garments come in different sizes and styles. That means it’s easy for the surgeon to find the right garment to suit each patient after surgery. After arm surgery, patients need to wear compression sleeves. These cover the upper arms, protecting and supporting the treated area. They exert pressure across the arms, encouraging better healing.

Why Do I Need to Wear a Compression Garment?

It’s essential to wear a compression garment after arm surgery. There are several reasons why it’s so important to wear one. These include:

  • It promotes effective healing
  • It evens out the pressure on the arm area to prevent lumps and bumps from forming
  • It helps to relieve discomfort after surgery
  • It ensures the best possible result from the surgery in the long term

Must I Wear the Compression Garment All the Time?

Your surgeon will advise you about how to wear your compression garment after your arm surgery. You must follow your surgeon’s advice to achieve the desired effect. At first, you’ll need to wear your compression garment all the time. Immediately after your procedure, you’ll need to wear it both day and night. You must remove it to take a shower, but then you’ll need to put it straight back on afterward. Although the garment should feel supportive, it shouldn’t cause any pain. Your surgeon will ensure that you have the right-sized garment for you. Your surgeon will probably tell you to wear your garment 24/7 for a couple of weeks at least.

When Can I Reduce the Length of Time I Wear My Compression Garment?

Your surgeon will tell you when you can reduce the length of time that you wear your compression garment. Typically, you will be able to wear it for shorter periods after a couple of weeks. But everyone heals at a different rate. You must pay attention to your surgeon’s instructions. Your surgeon may require you to continue wearing yours 24/7 for a little longer, depending on your needs. When you no longer need to wear your garment all the time, you cannot just stop wearing it altogether. You’ll still need to wear it for some of the day or night for a while longer.

What Happens to My Compression Garment if I Swim or Bathe?

It’s very important to avoid both bathing and swimming after your arm lift surgery. Both of these activities can cause infections that can result in long-term problems. It isn’t possible to wear a compression garment for bathing or swimming anyway. Your surgeon will tell you when you can swim and bathe again after your procedure. Typically, you will need to wait for around six weeks or longer after your surgery. That will be after the time when you will have stopped wearing the garment. You can, however, shower after you have arm lift surgery. You can remove your compression garment for short periods to take a shower, then put it back on afterward.

Where Can I Find Out More About Compression Garments?

Before you have your arm surgery, you should discuss any questions and concerns you have with your surgeon. A skilled and experienced surgeon will give you all of the information you require. Get in touch with our ArtLipo team today to raise any issues you may have regarding your arm lift. Our friendly, professional team will give you the answers that you need.