If you’ve been thinking about having arm liposuction it’s only natural to wonder what it costs. This is a complex question to answer and requires some understanding of liposuction and the differences that exist between surgeons who are performing your surgery and the results that you can expect. As with most decisions, the more research you do, the more satisfied you will be with the results.

Cost of arm liposuction in general is dependent to a large degree on a surgeon’s time and resources, but in many cases can vary greatly based on a surgeon’s skills, reputation, and results that they can create. A surgeon who is new and not busy without a proven track record will often charge much less compared to one that has built his reputation over time and has a waiting list. The other factor affecting cost is what exactly is that surgeon going to do in your arm liposuction, because not all arm liposuction is the same.

Cost of Underarm or Upper Arm Liposuction

Surgeons performing traditional arm liposuction, often called Underarm Liposuction, or Upper Arm Liposuction are only doing liposuction to the underside or under hang of your arm. This limited range of arm liposuction is the standard of what is taught in all training settings and what almost all surgeons perform. The cost of this (traditional) upper arm liposuction will average between $4,000 to $6,000 for an experienced surgeon. Of course, there are surgeons who will charge as little as $2,000 for both arms. Among the pitfalls in choosing a surgeon is that some remove most of the fat in the underarm, others will barely make any noticeable difference. Another pitfall is that surgeons with less skill will remove fat, but in a way that it is lumpy, or just unnatural and awkward appearing. Therefore, when considering price or cost of arm liposuction surgery, you really need to consider what you are getting. The best way to understand what your surgeon can do is not only to consider the reputation of that doctor, but really to see examples of arm liposuction that he or she has performed. Even doctors with overall good reputations may not be able to do specific things like arm liposuction very well. Seeing before and after results is your best assurance.

Cost of Celebrity Arms™ Liposuction

As mentioned above, when making a decision about what surgeon to choose for arm liposuction you need to consider what you are getting. With Celebrity Arms Liposuction you are getting a totally different kind of result. This is not typical underarm lipo. It is a circumferential or lipo 360 of the entire upper arm and shoulder, and it is being done in the most advanced high definition manner. This means that all the fat surrounding your entire arm will be gone and you will have the slimmest and most contoured arm possible. Our technique also creates an added benefit of skin tightening not seen with normal arm lipo. This procedure was pioneered by Dr. Su and currently less than 1% of surgeons in the world can do anything similar. Artlipo is truly the only clinic in the world that specializes in this type arm liposuction which makes up half our surgeries. We don’t just do this, we do it on thousands of patients, with results that we show in our numerous before and after photos and live patient videos.

The cost of Celebrity Arms liposuction varies from patient to patient dependent mostly on size of the patients arms. However, we do accessory areas including the upper back, bra rolls, and armpits which are optional and priced separately. As of this writing the average cost of basic Celebrity Arms for both arms is between $15,000-$18,000 and can be higher for very large or looser arms. With the upper back and bra rolls included, the cost averages between $20,000 to $24,000. Other options for looser skin include Renuvion (J-Plasma) that helps tighten skin, and arm lifts or tucks for those who could have a leftover skin hang. These procedures are an extra cost.

So, for those women who understand the difference between Celebrity Arms and normal arm liposuction the cost difference is easily justifiable. We create about 3-4 times the results for a little more than double the cost of normal arm liposuction. It just depends on what you are looking for and what you think will make you happy. We are happy to give each patient an exact price for their surgery without ever coming to our office. All you have to do is follow our Virtual Consultation instruction and send us your photos, which we will draw on to show your expected results and give you a price.

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