How Much Will My Arm Circumference Decrease After Upper Arm Liposuction?

Upper arm liposuction is an outstanding way to improve the look of your upper arms. This surgery removes excess fat permanently from your upper arm area while sculpting it to create a more contoured appearance. If you’re considering this kind of procedure, you may wonder how much the circumference of your arms will decrease. Here, we examine what you can expect after your surgery.

What Does Arm Lipo Involve?

Arm lipo is a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your arms. You’ll receive a local anesthetic in your arms before your procedure. That means you’ll feel no pain or discomfort. Your surgeon will make some tiny incisions in your arms. They’ll pass a narrow cannula through the incisions, and disperse and suction out the fat. They’ll then use the cannula to sculpt the remaining fat to create beautiful, contoured lines. Afterward, patients benefit from slimmer, more attractive arms with more defined musculature.

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Will My Arms Be Thinner After the Surgery?

Your arms will look thinner after your surgery because the surgeon permanently removes the excess fat. Your surgeon will also sculpt your arms to create a more toned and contoured look. That, too, makes their appearance slimmer.

That, too, makes their appearance slimmer. However, whether patients find any measurable difference in their arms will vary between individuals. It depends on how much fat their arms have in the first place as well as their amount of muscle.

The best arm lipo treatments sculpt the arm close to the muscle. So, if you have well-developed arm muscles, you might not notice much difference in terms of circumference. Nevertheless, they will look slimmer and more toned as the surgery will reveal the muscles’ contours.

Will I Drop Inches from My Arm Circumference During Lipo?

It’s crucial that all patients undergoing arm lipo surgery have realistic expectations of their outcomes. You may notice that you lose an inch or two from your arms after lipo. There is, however, no guarantee of this. You may notice little or no measurable difference at all after your procedure.

Liposuction is all about body contouring. It’s a procedure that creates a shapelier look. It doesn’t bulk-remove fat. Essentially, arm lipo aims to create a more streamlined and attractive arm appearance. Its aim isn’t to simply reduce the arm’s size by a certain number of inches.

For this reason, you must thoroughly discuss your body contouring goals for your arms with your surgeon during your consultation. Your surgeon will give you a realistic idea of what will be possible for you. They can help you understand what to expect after your procedure so you won’t experience any disappointment.

When you’re planning any kind of liposuction procedure, you must find a surgeon with the right skills and experience. That’s the best way to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for you. Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a specialist in the field of liposuction. His Celebrity Arms technique produces impressive results for patients. Get in touch now to arrange your upper arm liposuction consultation.