I’m Skinny; Is Arm Liposuction Out Of The Question?

Many people believe that arm liposuction is only for those who are obese, but that is a misconception. Liposuction on all areas of the body will be most successful when patients are near their ideal BMI.

While liposuction can improve the appearance of larger arms, surgeons will consider treating slim people too. They can produce awe-inspiring results for slim patients. That is because liposuction is a body contouring treatment, not one for weight loss. It sculpts and contours the arms to produce a more attractive shape; but it doesn’t help with drastic weight loss. For that reason, it’s an excellent option for slim women with small areas of stubborn fat. Arm lipo targets those troublesome areas of excess fat to create a toned and taut physique. Nevertheless, if your BMI is too low, liposuction may not be suitable for you.

Can Very Slim Women Have Excess Arm Fat?

Some people believe that if a woman has a low body weight, she must have no excess fat. Yet that isn’t the case at all. Even when someone is generally slim, they can have areas of stubborn excess fat. Their genes determine their fat distribution, and that fat may be located on their arms depending on their genetic profile. It is entirely possible for even a very slim woman to have excess arm fat. Having larger arms is often distressing for very slim women. The excess fat in this area can make the individual look disproportionate and cause self-consciousness and low self-esteem.

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How Skinny Is Too Skinny for Arm Lipo?

You need to have a BMI (Body Mass Index) close to your ideal to benefit from liposuction. If you’re very skinny, your BMI may be too low to have the surgery. Arm lipo removes excess fat from the arms. If you’re very skinny, you may not have sufficient fat on your arms to remove. However, you can have a BMI that is at the lower end of normal and still have excess arm fat. In such cases, arm lipo can be ideal for you. In fact, it can achieve especially impressive results.

Is Arm Lipo Safe For Very Slim Women?

Arm lipo is a safe procedure, even if you’re very slim, as long as you choose a skilled surgeon. But it’s important to note that this surgery is sometimes harder to perform on very slim women. With this in mind, finding the right surgeon is essential. You need to have confidence that your surgeon knows how to achieve excellent results for slim women.

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To find out more about whether you’re a suitable candidate for arm liposuction, get in touch with Dr. Su today.