Is Arm Liposuction Worth It if I’m Planning to Lose Weight?

One question you may be asking is, “Is arm liposuction worth it if I’m planning to lose weight?” Here, we take a closer look at this question so you can make an informed decision. As highly experienced, skilled and board certified cosmetic surgeons, we are best placed to offer you advice on this subject. So, read on and find out everything you need to know about weight loss before and after your procedure.

Are You Planning to Lose Weight Before Your Surgery?

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for arm liposuction. While many women can benefit from this highly effective surgery, it may not be for you if you’re too heavy. Doctors recommend that liposuction is most effective for candidates within 30 pounds of their ideal body weight. If you are already heavier than this, it’s best to lose some weight before surgery. This will ensure that you can achieve the beautiful outcome you desire.

However, there’s a caveat to this advice. Crash dieting before your procedure may sound like the best solution, but it’s a bad idea. Why? Because rapid weight-loss techniques can compromise the results achieved through surgery.

It’s true that when you crash diet, you’ll lose a lot of weight quickly. However, it’s hard to maintain those speedily gained results. All the weight that you’ve lost will almost certainly come back quickly. In fact, you may even put on more weight than you lost in the first place. This is bad news after having liposuction, as you will probably ruin the outcome. You may even require another procedure afterward to remove even more fat.

Therefore, the most advisable course of action is to take a sensible, long-term approach to weight loss before your surgery. Slowly shedding the pounds is the best way to keep it off. Once you are within 30 pounds of your target weight, you should maintain that weight for at least six months. This should ensure that your arm liposuction achieves the results you desire.

What About Losing Weight after Arm Lipo?

It’s fair to say liposuction can make it easier to lose weight, but not for the reasons you may think. Some women hope to use liposuction as a catalyst to prompt their weight-loss journeys. However, this isn’t the purpose of lipo. It’s important to remember that liposuction isn’t a weight-loss method. It’s a body contouring procedure. You won’t lose a lot of actual weight through having any form of liposuction. However, what lipo can do is help you feel more motivated to work out and eat healthily. When you see the difference in your arms, you can feel more inspired to preserve those results. You may also feel more comfortable working out without people staring at your bat wings. But that doesn’t mean that you should use liposuction in this way.

Arm liposuction is very effective at helping you achieve slimmer, more contoured arms. But you shouldn’t use it as a way to encourage yourself to start dieting and living more healthily. Rather, you should have liposuction performed after weight loss to remove stubborn fat pockets. When you see the beautiful outcome, it will encourage you to continue living healthily. This will ensure that you can maintain the result in the long term.

Maintaining Weight Stability

Most people know that gaining weight after liposuction is a bad idea and can destroy the result. But many people don’t realize that losing a lot of weight after the procedure is also a bad idea. If your body weight regularly increases or decreases by more than 10 pounds, you will diminish the result of your procedure. Bear in mind that the skin moves back into place following an arm lipo procedure. So, if you shed a lot of pounds following your surgery, your skin must work harder. It becomes harder for it to bounce back and retain its elasticity. This puts you at greater risk of an uneven result and loose skin in the long term. This is something that you will want to avoid as you then require a repeat procedure.

Seeking Professional Advice about Arm Lipo

If you’re unhappy with your arms, the best solution is to speak to a professional cosmetic surgeon about the problem. Only a skilled and experienced surgeon can advise you whether you’re a suitable candidate for liposuction. A surgeon must assess each case on its own merits. Some women who are otherwise very slim can benefit from liposuction because of their isolated fat pockets. Larger women can also benefit. A surgeon will be able to determine your eligibility as a candidate at your consultation.

If you’re asking, “Is arm liposuction worth it,” don’t hesitate to contact the Artlipo team today. Dr. Su is looking forward to consulting with you and offering you his expert advice.