Is General Anesthetic Or Local Anesthetic Best For Arm Liposuction?

Many women considering arm liposuction think that a general anesthetic would be the best option for surgery. It isn’t surprising that they feel that way. After all, having a surgical procedure can be stressful and worrying. If you’re anxious about having surgery, it’s natural to want to be unaware of everything that is happening. However, these days, surgeons usually carry out liposuction under local anesthetic. There is a very good reason for the use of local anesthesia, so read on to learn more about this technique. 

Haven’t Surgeons Always Performed Liposuction Under General Anesthetic?

Initially, surgeons carried out lipo procedures with patients under a general anesthetic. However, these procedures could be quite problematic. Recovery times were long, and patients experienced lots of bruising and bleeding. Then Dr. Jeffrey Klein developed tumescent liposuction in the 1980s. This technique enabled surgeons to perform liposuction under a local anesthetic, which reduced bruising and bleeding and sped up recovery times.

Why Is Local Anesthetic A Better Option?

Today, most surgeons perform lipo under a local anesthetic. It is less risky for the patient and reduces the costs involved. It’s also reassuring for patients who have a fear of being under a general anesthetic. Local anesthesia means that patients aren’t at risk of any complications linked to general anaesthesia. Surgeons can also use a smaller cannula as they don’t need to operate so quickly, which means there’s less chance of severe bruising, bleeding, and scarring. Patients recover much more rapidly and can go home on the same day as their procedure.

Do Any Surgeons Perform Lipo Under A General Anesthetic?

There are still some surgeons who prefer to perform lipo under a general anesthetic. Many surgeons find it easier to operate with general anesthesia. They can ensure that the whole body is numb before surgery begins, and they can also operate without worrying about the patient’s comfort. 

Nevertheless, general anaesthesia poses potential complications and risks for patients. It takes time for patients to recover from a general anesthetic. Afterward, patients tend to suffer from nausea and drowsiness. Surgeons also often use a larger cannula on patients under a general anesthetic, which means bigger incisions, more bruising, and more bleeding, so recovery times are longer.

Can I Have Arm Liposuction Under General Anesthetic?

Technically, you could have arm lipo under a general anesthetic. However, it isn’t the best option. Here at ArtLipo, we only perform liposuction under local anesthetic, because it produces the best results and our patients experience a better recovery. Arm liposuction is a particularly complex procedure. Many surgeons don’t treat the arms because it’s hard to get a good outcome. The surgeons who do will frequently treat just the fat beneath the arm. Here at ArtLipo, we take a much more comprehensive approach, and this requires patients to be awake and alert.

The Active Lipo Method

We carry out 360-degree liposuction of the arms here at ArtLipo, which is a very different approach from other surgeons. We treat the entire arm, including the shoulder. We remove as much fat as possible not only from beneath the arm, but also from the sides and top. We do this by using the Active Lipo method. 

Dr. Su pioneered the Active Lipo technique. It is an especially effective lipo method that removes the maximum amount of fat. It involves the patient being an active participant in their surgery. Instead of the patient lying motionless on a table, they move into different positions during the procedure. Dr. Su asks the patient to tense up their arm muscles or hold their arm in different positions. When patients tense their muscles, he can sculpt the fat closely to their arm muscles, which ensures that you’ll see the beautiful muscle contours. Instead of only removing around 10-30% of arm fat, Dr. Su removes as much as 90%. Therefore, the results he achieves for his patients are especially impressive. 

Obviously, active lipo requires the patient to be awake during their surgery. They need to be alert, so they can follow Dr. Su’s instructions and move their arms as needed. Active lipo ensures that surgeons remove fat from the right places to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing look. An active lipo procedure ensures the smoothest and most even result, which is why he calls his method the Celebrity Arms technique. 

Arranging Liposuction Of The Arms Under A Local Anesthetic

If you’re ready to arrange your procedure, don’t hesitate to contact the ArtLipo team today. We are specialists in the field of liposuction, and we have a stellar reputation. Dr. Su can achieve truly amazing results. You can see how good his outcomes are if you look at our before and after gallery. You will see for yourself the difference that Active Lipo and the Celebrity Arms technique can achieve. Call us now to arrange your arm liposuction consultation.