Is It Really Worth Seeking Out an Arm Liposuction Specialist for My Procedure?

If you’re planning to undergo arm sculpting, others may have advised you to seek out an arm liposuction specialist. However, is it really worth your time and effort? There are very few surgeons who specialize in this procedure. It’s likely there isn’t one near where you live. Surely a regular cosmetic surgeon could do an equally good job? Read on to discover why that isn’t the case.

The Difference Between Regular Cosmetic Surgeons and Arm Lipo Specialists

Traditionally, cosmetic surgeons learn to avoid treating the arms with liposuction. That is beginning to change now, but still, over 99% of surgeons treat the arms very conservatively. They only treat the underarm area or underhang. That represents just one-third of your upper arm. They don’t touch the shoulder, the top, or the sides of the arms. The reason for this is that it is difficult to sculpt these areas evenly, due to how fibrous they are. Only a specialist surgeon can sculpt those areas smoothly without lumps or bumps. A specialist surgeon can remove the maximum amount of fat from the arm – up to 90%. That is far more than a regular cosmetic surgeon can remove. Therefore, a specialist surgeon produces results that are far more impressive for patients.

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Safety Is Another Issue to Consider

Liposuction has its risks, just like any other type of surgery. Using the services of a specialist is the best way to minimize those risks. Some of the potential risks of arm lipo include:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Nerve damage
  • Blood clots
  • Infections
  • Hematomas
  • Seromas
  • Skin necrosis
  • Excess swelling
  • Bumpy, dimpled, or wavy skin
  • Persistent numbness
  • Scarring

You significantly reduce the chance of severe complications if you choose a specialist surgeon. With many years of experience and expertise in the field, they know how to minimize potential dangers. That is one significant reason to seek out an arm lipo specialist.

Skin Tightness Issues

Another primary reason to seek out a specialist surgeon is the issue of skin tightness. Regular cosmetic surgeons cite loose skin as a key reason for taking a conservative approach to arm lipo. Standard liposuction techniques may result in this problem. A specialist in arm liposuction can minimize this issue. Thanks to advanced lipo techniques for the arms, it’s possible to achieve an impressive degree of tightening. Even if you have some moderate skin looseness, cutting-edge techniques can achieve a good result. If you wish to achieve maximum skin tightening, you should use a specialist surgeon.

Where Do I Find a Specialist?

Unfortunately, traditional views about arm liposuction still prevail in the cosmetic surgery industry. That means there are very few specialists in arm lipo to choose from. Dr. Su at ArtLipo is your best choice. He developed the cutting-edge Celebrity Arms lipo technique that achieves amazing results for patients. If you take a look at our photo gallery, you’ll see just how impressive his outcomes can be.

What Is the Celebrity Arms Technique?

Dr. Su pioneered the Celebrity Arms technique to achieve maximum slimming and tightening for patients. Unlike standard lipo of the arms, it treats the entire shoulder and arm. By treating its whole circumference, it removes up to 90% of excess fat. He can reveal the beautiful contours of the arm muscles and get the red carpet look for patients.

All patients undergoing Celebrity Arms lipo experience impressive skin tightening. In many cases, the level of tightening Dr. Su achieves is greater than that achieved during a Brachioplasty. Standard arm liposuction can’t achieve this. Women with a moderate amount of hanging fat or looseness experience full skin tightening from this procedure. Therefore, it’s an ideal alternative to an arm lift since it is less invasive and the recovery time is shorter. Even women with severe fat hang and skin looseness can experience good skin retraction.

Dr. Su’s Celebrity Arms technique involves his Interactive Lipo method. It requires patients to be alert and active during their surgery. Dr. Su asks the patient to move and tense their muscles at specific points during the procedure. That gives him greater control over his fat sculpting. Fat is fibrous, mobile, and soft, so it changes shape easily during surgery. If the patient tenses up their muscles, the muscles hold the fat firmly. The surgeon can feel the contour and surface of the muscles easily and can sculpt closely to them.

Contacting Dr. Su About the Celebrity Arms Procedure

Seeking help from a specialist is the best option if you want the optimal result from your arm lipo surgery. Dr. Su is leading the way in this field and produces fantastic outcomes for his patients. He offers virtual consultations and fly-in surgery for patients living outside Tampa, Florida. Therefore, no matter where you live, you can benefit from surgery carried out by a specialist. Give ArtLipo a call today and arrange an appointment with our arm liposuction specialist.