Is Local Anesthetic Better Than Twilight Sleep for Liposuction in the Arms?

If you’re planning to have liposuction in the arms, you may be concerned about experiencing pain. Of course, nobody wants to experience more pain than they have to. Therefore, if you’re going to have surgery, it’s common to be worried about what you’ll go through. Surgeons usually perform all types of liposuction surgeries under local anesthetic. That is because it is safer than a general anesthetic and the recovery period is shorter. Nevertheless, some surgeons offer twilight sleep as an option for sedation. Here, we look at which option is best.

What Is A Local Anesthetic?

A local anesthetic numbs a single area of your body so the surgeon can operate on it. Unlike a general anesthetic, a local anesthetic doesn’t make you lose consciousness. As a result, local anesthetics are generally safer than general anesthetics. They allow for a speedier recovery, and there’s no need for special preparations before use.

Local anesthetics work to stop the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain. Patients often feel movement or pressure during their procedure but no pain. Typically, it takes just a few minutes after receiving a local anesthetic to lose sensation. Once the medicine wears off, full sensation usually returns.

What Is Twilight Sleep?

Twilight sleep is a combination of sedation and local anesthetic. Surgeons often use it as an alternative to general anesthetic. The patient receives a local anesthetic to numb the area the surgeon is treating. They also provide a sedative so the patient feels sleepy. They are still awake but physically and mentally calm. They sense movement and pressure but feel no pain.

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What Are The Advantages Of Twilight Sleep?

Twilight sleep is a safer option than a general anesthetic. Since the patient doesn’t completely lose consciousness, their recovery is usually quicker and less complex. There are fewer risks after twilight sedation. It’s an excellent choice when patients fear surgery or general anesthesia. Not only will they experience no pain, but they also won’t remember the procedure.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Twilight Sleep?

Twilight sleep leaves patients groggy and relaxed, but that limits the ability to move during the procedure. That isn’t a problem for most cosmetic surgeons as patients remain still and lying down throughout surgery. At ArtLipo, though, Dr. Su uses an Active Lipo technique. This technique requires the patients to move during the procedure to achieve the best result. Therefore, twilight sleep is a bad idea as it prevents patients from cooperating.

Why Is Local Anesthetic Best For Arm Liposuction?

Although some patients are afraid of surgery and prefer the idea of a general anesthetic, it isn’t the best option. General anesthetics come with far more risks than local anesthetics. Also, the recovery period for the patient is far more extended and complicated. Most importantly, when it comes to arm lipo, being awake and alert is essential. A local anesthetic is essential if patients want the best possible result and maximum fat removal.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a pioneer of the Active Lipo technique. This technique involves the patient being active and cooperative throughout the procedure. Dr. Su asks his patients to move and tense their muscles during surgery. The patient must be alert enough to respond appropriately. Without the patient moving, the surgeon cannot remove the maximum amount of fat.

Dr. Su uses the Active Lipo technique as part of his Celebrity Arms treatment. This treatment is far more complete and extensive than any other type of arm lipo. Most cosmetic surgeons remove only the fat from the underhang of the upper arm. Dr. Su’s treatment removes fat from the sides and top of the arm as well as the shoulder and underhang.

As a result, he removes as much as 90% of excess fat from the arm. He can only do this if the patient cooperates and tenses their muscles during surgery. By tightening the muscles, Dr. Su has a smooth surface to sculpt. He can remove fat close to the arm muscle, revealing the muscle’s beautiful contours. He would be unable to do this if the patient was under a general anesthetic or twilight sleep. Therefore, a local anesthetic is the best choice for arm lipo.

Where Can I Get The Best Arm Lipo Surgery?

If you are considering arm lipo surgery, you should contact Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Su specializes in liposuction, especially the Celebrity Arms technique. His results are awe-inspiring, with outstanding fat removal and skin tightening. Dr. Su performs all his arm lipo procedures under local anesthetic. To find out more about Dr. Su’s techniques and to arrange a consultation, call our team today. We can arrange a consultation for your liposuction in the arms and help you begin your journey to beautiful arms.