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By Dr. Thomas Su | December 7, 2021

I’ve Heard Upper Arm Liposuction Isn’t Possible – Is That True?

Many people hold onto the belief that upper arm liposuction is impossible. However, this isn’t true, because a skilled cosmetic surgeon can deliver lipo results on upper arms. Nevertheless, many cosmetic surgeons refuse to perform lipo on the upper arms, because it is a notoriously difficult part of the body to treat. If you can find a cosmetic surgeon to perform arm lipo, they may only perform very conservative arm lipo. They only treat the underhang that is beneath the arm, rather than treating the top or sides of the arm. Therefore, they only remove a small percentage of excess fat, which usually means an unimpressive outcome and disappointed patients. 

The Conservative Approach To Arm Lipo

Achieving a smooth and even result around the curve of the arm is difficult. For this reason, many surgeons don’t offer upper arm lipo. Surgeons learn a conservative approach to arm lipo during their training that involves only removing fat from below the arm. Yet, anyone can see that fat builds up around the entire circumference of the arm. There is fat on the top and sides of the arm as well as below it. There is also often excess fat on the shoulder. Patients need a surgeon who can remove fat from around the whole arm, not just the underhang. Very few surgeons offer this. That’s why there’s a myth that surgeons cannot liposuction the upper arms. 

360 Lipo Of The Arms

In the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon, 360-degree lipo of the arms is possible. Not only is it possible, but it’s also highly effective. A talented surgeon can remove up to 90% of the excess fat on the upper arms. They remove fat from not only the underhang but also the top, sides, and shoulder. As a result, patients see an impressive improvement in the appearance of their arms. Treating the entire circumference of the arm ensures a very complete and beautiful outcome.

How Does 360 Lipo Of The Arms Work?

Here at ArtLipo, Dr. Su has pioneered the Celebrity Arms procedure. This procedure treats the entire upper arm, removing maximum amounts of fat from its whole circumference. The procedure involves the patient taking an active role in the surgery. Instead of lying still and flat on the table, they move and tense their muscles as instructed. This movement allows Dr. Su to sculpt the fat close to the muscle, which makes the beautiful curves of the natural muscle visible. You can see this look of tight arm muscles often on the red carpet and the procedure has earned the name “The Celebrity Arms Procedure.”

Where Can I Get The Celebrity Arms Procedure?

You can only have the Celebrity Arms procedure carried out at ArtLipo. Dr. Su pioneered the technique. He is a specialist in the field of liposuction. Check out our before and after photographic gallery to see the fantastic results he can achieve. To find out more about whether upper arm liposuction is right for you, contact our team today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve the beautiful arms you desire. 

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