Can I Get Lipo in My Arms if I Have Lipedema?

Lipo in the arms is a popular treatment for women who are unhappy with their upper arms. However, many lipedema sufferers are unaware they could benefit from this treatment option. Here, we take a closer look at how lipedema affects the arms and the available treatments.

Can Lipedema Affect the Arms?

Characteristically, lipedema affects the lower limbs of the sufferer’s body. Usually, when people think of lipedema, they imagine trunk-like legs and large hips and thighs. In some cases, though, lipedema affects the arms too. It is particularly prevalent in the upper arms’ fattiest areas. If you have lipedema that affects your arms, it progresses just like it does on the lower body. The fat accumulates over time, and the fat deposits on the arms get larger and more painful.

If lipedema affects your arms, you’ll find your hands are usually unaffected. Nevertheless, if it remains untreated, lipedema in your arms can cause lymphatic and vascular complications. Of course, lipedema in your arms also causes poor self-esteem and anxiety.

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Does Losing Weight Eradicate Arm Fat?

A lot of women with lipedema don’t realize they suffer from the condition until it is at an advanced stage. Even then, many sufferers don’t realize their large arms are due to the disease. Usually, they believe their large upper arms are due to obesity. They, therefore, try to lose weight and exercise more to shift the fat. Of course, this is impossible with lipedema as lipedemic fat doesn’t respond to diet or exercise.

In fact, even in women without lipedema, arm fat is hard to eradicate through diet and exercise. The upper arms tend to accumulate excess fat, especially since they are difficult to reduce simply through exercise. Since spot reduction of fat is impossible through exercise and weight loss, there are no guarantees shedding pounds will help. Even slim women may have large upper arms that don’t slim down after dropping dress sizes.

Liposuction Is the Answer

Specialists in lipedema already know that liposuction is the best treatment for this condition. It is the only available treatment that addresses the cause rather than the symptoms of the disease. Surgery cannot cure the problem, but it helps relieve the symptoms significantly. It also restores a more proportionate appearance to the affected limbs.

While surgeons typically perform liposuction for lipedema on the legs, they also use it on the arms. Surgical intervention of this type can prevent progression, mitigate pain, and improve quality of life. Arm liposuction for lipedema sufferers involves removing the fat that accumulates on the upper arms. It is a highly effective way to address this surprisingly common problem. Nevertheless, you need a skilled surgeon to treat you. Medical practitioners do not understand lipedema well, even if they have extensive experience in the field. You must find a specialist in the field.

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