Should I Have Arm Lipo Now The Pandemic Is Slowing Down?

With the world entering the “new normal” as the coronavirus crisis slows down, arm lipo is becoming more popular. The global Covid-19 pandemic has had a polarizing effect on health and wellness. While some people have let themselves go and gained weight due to the lockdown, others have focused on their well-being. In fact, many people have shed their excess weight and toned up, leaving them looking and feeling better. If you’re in this group, well done! However, you may still have a few problem areas where the excess fat refuses to budge. You may find that cosmetic surgery procedures could prove very helpful. 

Showing Off Your New Physique

With the world opening up again, it’s time to go out and show off your new physique. However, you may feel self-conscious about those unwanted fatty deposits. One area that may leave you feeling especially self-conscious is your upper arms. Unfortunately, the upper arms accumulate fat, and can be very resistant to diet and exercise. Even if you have dropped a couple of dress sizes, your arms may still be prominent, which can make them look disproportionate to the rest of your slim and toned body. It’s no wonder, then, that you may be considering arm liposuction. The good news is that there’s never been a better time to undergo an arm fat removal procedure.

How Can Arm Liposuction Help?

Arm liposuction is a highly effective way to spot reduce fat in this problematic area of the body. Since excess fat on the arms is difficult to shift through traditional methods, cosmetic surgery is the perfect solution. Arm liposuction removes those unwanted fat cells permanently, leaving the arms slimmer. If you’ve been working out during lockdown, lipo will reveal your muscular arms and help you to look more toned.

360 Arm Liposuction

Some cosmetic surgeons will only treat the arm area conservatively with liposuction. They only remove a small percentage of the fat from underneath the arm, while the sides and top of the arm remain untouched. Even with diet and exercise, the outcome can be less than impressive. 360 liposuction is a far better alternative. 

When you undergo 360 arm liposuction at ArtLipo, cosmetic surgeons can remove excess fat from the entire circumference of your arm. Surgeons will treat the top and sides of the arm as well as the underside of your arm. The outcome is a much more complete and beautiful result. 

Celebrity Arms Lipo

Here at ArtLipo, Dr. Su is our specialist in the field of liposuction. His Celebrity Arms technique is well-known for its efficacy and impressive results. During this procedure, Dr. Su will remove the maximum amount of fat possible from the upper arm.  Dr. Su closely sculpts the fat to the muscle so that you can see the toned curves. It is the ultimate way to achieve the red carpet look for your arms. 

To find out more about Celebrity Arms Lipo at ArtLipo, contact our team today. We’re looking forward to giving you information about arm lipo and helping you complete your post-lockdown transformation.