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By Dr. Thomas Su | March 31, 2022

Will a Surgeon Perform Underarm Liposuction as a Standalone Procedure?

Underarm liposuction is becoming an increasingly popular request here at ArtLipo. More patients than ever are keen to eliminate their bra bulge by having surgery. Treating the underarm area is very effective. It produces a slim and toned look for the upper body. It also allows patients to return to wearing tight-fitting clothing and sleeveless tops without worrying about their appearance. However, some women wonder if it’s possible to have this procedure independently. They wonder whether surgeons will only perform it as part of a more extensive liposuction surgery. Here, we look at the possibilities.

Treating the Underarms

A skilled and experienced surgeon will have no problem treating the underarms as a standalone procedure. Underarm lipo is an established surgery that many patients today receive. As a standalone surgery, underarm lipo simply removes the excess fat from the armpit area. It is a popular choice for women who are otherwise slim but have a bulge around their bra line. For some women, this kind of liposuction is sufficient to restore their slim, toned physique. For others, though, it is best to have more extensive liposuction to achieve the optimal result.

Treating the Armpit Area Alongside Other Areas

Often, women with an armpit bulge have other areas that they want to treat in. Underarm fat is often only part of the problem. Women may have excess fat on their upper arms or their back as well. A more comprehensive liposuction procedure can remove the excess fat in these areas also. As a result, surgeons can achieve a more complete and beautiful outcome.

Arm and Armpit Liposuction

Here at ArtLipo, Dr. Su performs 360-degree liposuction of the arm. It is a unique and highly effective procedure that produces impressive results. Not only does he treat the underhang, but he also treats the top and sides of the arms. He can also treat the armpit at the same time. This comprehensive approach ensures optimal results and an overall slim, toned silhouette that will impress your friends and family.

Back and Armpit Liposuction

For many women, bra bulges extend far beyond the armpit. Even slim women can find that they have excess fat bulging around the back and sides of their bras. This fat looks unsightly when wearing tight or revealing clothing. As a result, those women often choose to cover up, which restricts their wardrobe choices and damages their self-esteem.

Fortunately, it’s possible to treat the upper and lower back and the armpit area with liposuction. This comprehensive approach creates a slim overall appearance for the back and underarms. Women undergoing this treatment see significant improvements in both their looks and their confidence.

Where Can I Get Liposuction of the Underarms?

It’s essential to choose a skilled surgeon with years of experience performing liposuction. Dr. Su at ArtLipo is the top choice in Tampa, Florida. You can see images of his excellent results on our website. Whether you require underarm liposuction as a standalone procedure or as part of a more comprehensive surgery, get in touch. We’re looking forward to helping you achieve your body contouring goals.

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