The Three Key Recovery Stages After Arm Sculpting Surgery

Arm sculpting surgery is a great way to achieve the beautiful arms you always wanted. However, it’s essential to realize that some downtime is involved in having cosmetic surgery. You will need to plan ahead for your recovery and be aware of the process you’ll go through. Let’s take a closer look at the three key recovery stages after your procedure. That will help you to be mentally and physically ready for the surgery.

What Does Surgery to Sculpt the Arms Involve?

There are two kinds of arm sculpting surgery that patients may undergo. The first is arm liposuction, and the second is brachioplasty, or arm lift.

Arm liposuction is a less invasive procedure than an arm lift. Surgeons carry out this procedure under a local anesthetic. They make small incisions in the upper arms, use a cannula to break up the fat, then suction it out. They sculpt the remaining fat to create slimmer, more toned, and attractive arms.

A brachioplasty, on the other hand, is a more invasive procedure. Surgeons perform this procedure under a general anesthetic. They cut away the excess fat and skin from the upper arms to create a tighter, slimmer look. This procedure has a more extended and more difficult recovery period than an arm lift.

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Stage One – Immediately After Surgery

Whichever type of arm sculpting procedure you have, you need to rest and recuperate immediately after the surgery. You could benefit from someone being with you to help out for a day or two. You should also have everything ready and prepared, so you won’t need to do anything significant.

You’ll have compression garments to wear after your procedure. You must wear these as the surgeon prescribes. You may also have painkillers from your surgeon to take as prescribed.

You should avoid bathing immediately after your procedure. You can shower after a couple of days but must put the compression garment right back on afterward.

You should eat healthy meals and stay well hydrated. You should also avoid smoking or vaping and consuming any alcohol. Avoiding strenuous exercise is also important, although gentle walks are a good idea.

Stage Two – The First Few Weeks

After the first few days, you should begin feeling better. You will still have bruising, swelling, and some pain, but they will improve as the days and weeks go by. You need to wear your compression garments as instructed. You should also still avoid swimming and bathing at this stage. You can start exercising but avoid any strenuous arm movements and heavy lifting. You can also return to work and most of your normal activities. You should, however, continue following your surgeon’s instructions.

Stage Three – Six Weeks Onward

You should recover from your procedure in around six weeks. If your surgeon agrees, you can return to regular rigorous exercise. You can also start swimming and bathing again. By this point, you should notice that your swelling has decreased considerably. Within six months of your procedure, the final result is visible.

It is critical to choose a skilled and experienced surgeon for your arm sculpting surgery. You can depend on the team at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida, to produce impressive results.