Is Underarm Liposuction Safe?

Underarm liposuction is becoming increasingly popular among women who want to eliminate their bra bulge. Although most people associate liposuction with the stomach or thighs, this procedure is also suitable for other areas. Women today can have liposuction on their ankles and calves, backs, chins, or underarms. If you have an unsightly bra bulge, this procedure may appeal to you. However, is it safe? Here, we take a closer look at this procedure and its safety.

Do I Need Underarm Lipo?

Women often have excess fat in their armpit area. Unfortunately, it’s a common place for fat to accumulate. It’s challenging to get rid of this fat once you have it. It’s impossible to spot reduce areas of stubborn fat. Dieting and exercise may help, but they also may not. Most often, women find they have bulging pockets of fat in their underarm areas that look unattractive. These bulges prevent clothing from fitting smoothly and can cause self-consciousness. If you’re experiencing poor self-confidence because of your underarm bulges, liposuction could be the answer.

What Does Liposuction Of The Underarms Involve?

Surgeons carry out liposuction of the underarms under a local anesthetic. Therefore, the patient is awake during the procedure. If the patient can remain awake, research shows the recovery time is shorter, and patients can go home on the same day.

The surgeon makes tiny incisions in the underarm area. Then the surgeon passes a narrow cannula into the incisions and suction out the excess fat. The removal of the fat cells is permanent, and they cannot grow back. A skilled surgeon can then sculpt the underarm area to create a pleasing and slim silhouette.

Are There Any Risks Involved With This Surgery?

Any form of surgery comes with some risks. Fortunately, if you choose an experienced and expert surgeon, those risks will be minimal.

Some side effects of this kind of surgery include swelling, bleeding, and bruising. These are common after all types of liposuction. They are usually minor and subside quickly after the procedure.

Sometimes, patients experience more severe side effects. Some of the more serious risks of underarm lipo include:

• Damage to the nerves resulting in numbness or pain
• Infections
• Blood clots
• Negative reactions to medications
• Bumpy, dimpled, or wavy skin
• Scarring
• Changes in skin color
• Luckily, these side effects are rare.

If you choose the right cosmetic surgeon, there are significantly lower chances of experiencing these issues.

Where Can I Get Armpit Liposuction?

Not all cosmetic surgeons offer armpit liposuction. Luckily, here at ArtLipo, we have a liposuction specialist who can offer this procedure. Dr. Su is an expert in liposuction and can produce outstanding results for his patients. He can remove the excess fat from your armpit area and create a smooth and beautiful silhouette for you. As he is also a specialist, you can be confident that your procedure will be as safe as possible.

Get in touch with the ArtLipo team today and arrange your underarm liposuction consultation now. We’re looking forward to helping you get rid of your bra bulge and achieve a beautiful silhouette.