Where Do I Find a Surgeon to Sculpt Arms?

Not every cosmetic surgeon has the skill and experience necessary to sculpt arms. Treating the arms can be especially challenging. In fact, many surgeons don’t treat this part of the body at all. Those who do will primarily treat the underhang of the arm. Therefore, the outcome is often less than impressive. For patients who want to achieve a sculpted look for their arms, finding the right surgeon is essential.

Why Don’t All Cosmetic Surgeons Sculpt The Arms?

Traditionally, cosmetic surgeons learn they must avoid treating the arms with liposuction. Those surgeons who receive training in this regard learn to only treat the “bat wing” area. That is the area of fat and skin that hangs under the upper arm. Cosmetic surgeons rarely sculpt arms because the curve of the arm makes it hard to remove fat evenly and smoothly. It requires a highly skilled surgeon to treat the circumference of the arm and produce smooth, even results.

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How Much Arm Fat Can Be Removed?

Most surgeons who treat the arms only remove a tiny percentage of fat as they only treat the underhang. Nevertheless, it’s possible to remove up to 90% of extra arm fat. However, to do this, the surgeon must remove fat from the sides and top of the arm together with the underhang. Most surgeons don’t do this, but Dr. Su does at ArtLipo. He is the pioneer of the Celebrity Arms Technique. This technique allows the maximum amount of fat removal from the upper arms.

What Is The Celebrity Arms Technique?

The Celebrity Arms Technique is a unique procedure to treat upper arm fat. It is a form of liposuction but is far more complete than standard lipo.

Dr. Su carries out his Celebrity Arms lipo procedures under a local anesthetic. That is very important to complete the procedure correctly. The patient must be alert, awake, and able to cooperate with the surgeon through the surgery.

Dr. Su makes tiny incisions in the upper arm, passes the cannula through, and suctions out the excess fat. But rather than focusing on the underhang, he addresses the fat on the sides and top of the arm too. He also treats the shoulder area for a very complete outcome. During the surgery, he asks the patient to move and tense their arm muscles. By tensing the muscles, he can sculpt the fat very close to the muscle. The result is as complete a fat removal process as possible. The procedure reveals the beautiful curve of the muscle contours for a red carpet look. The surgery also achieves impressive skin tightening. Patients who would otherwise require an arm lift can have a less invasive surgical procedure.

Where Can I Have The Celebrity Arms Procedure?

Only one surgeon performs the Celebrity Arms Procedure. Dr. Su at ArtLipo is the pioneer and creator of this technique. He performs this procedure for ArtLipo. If you look at the before and after photos, you’ll see how well he can sculpt arms. Get in touch with our team today to arrange a consultation.