Which Exercises Are Suitable After Arm Liposuction?

If you’re planning arm liposuction, you may think you won’t need to exercise your arms anymore. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, exercising is just as crucial after arm lipo as it was beforehand – possibly even more important! If you fail to maintain the results of your surgery with sufficient exercise, you could end up negating your outcome. That could result in you needing more surgery in the future to restore your beautifully toned post-surgery arms.

Arm Exercises Immediately After Surgery

Exercising is essential in the long run to maintain the results of your arm surgery. But you shouldn’t do strenuous arm exercises immediately after the procedure. You need to rest for a couple of days after your surgery. After that, doing some form of gentle exercise is essential. This exercise shouldn’t be too energetic; for example, walking is ideal. There is no need to do any specific arm exercises in the immediate aftermath of surgery. In fact, you should actively avoid any strenuous exercise involving your arms during this period. Lifting anything heavy or moving your arms too vigorously could cause you harm. Lifting may have a negative impact on the outcome of your surgery.

Returning to Arm Exercises

After a couple of weeks, you can return to general cardio activities. Jogging, cycling, and brisk walking are all good choices at this stage. But you need to avoid weight lifting and moving your arms vigorously at this point. Returning to specific weight-lifting exercises shouldn’t be done until the surgeon says so, usually be around six weeks after your procedure. When your surgeon gives you the go-ahead, you need to start with lower weights and progress as appropriate. You mustn’t rush into lifting heavy weights straight away, or you could injure yourself.

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Which Arm Exercises Are Best in the Long Run?

Once you have healed after surgery, there are several arm exercises to introduce into your regime. These will help you to maintain the result of your surgery. Four of the top exercises to do include:

  • Chair dips
  • Push-ups
  • Tricep extensions
  • Bicep curls

Doing these regularly will help to maintain good muscle tone in your arms.

Can I Swim After Arm Lipo?

Swimming as a form of cardio exercise is an excellent choice, but you cannot go swimming straight after arm lipo. Swimming can result in an infection in the incisions. Therefore, you need to avoid swimming until the surgeon gives the go-ahead. That will be around six weeks after the procedure.

Discuss Exercising with Your Surgeon

It’s essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle after having any kind of liposuction surgery. Regular exercise will help you to maintain the result of your procedure in the long term. But you mustn’t embark on an exercise program before consulting with your surgeon. Make sure that your surgeon gives you the green light to exercise before hitting the gym. That will ensure that you don’t cause any harm to your arms that could negate the result of the procedure.

Choosing a skilled surgeon is essential, and Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a top choice. Why not reach out today to find out more about which exercises are suitable after arm liposuction and arrange a consultation?