Will Arm Lipo Restrict My Mobility?

Arm lipo is an often-requested cosmetic surgery these days. It isn’t too hard to see why. Women see celebrities in the media with beautifully toned, slim arms and they want to achieve the same look themselves. Yet, it isn’t always easy to find a surgeon to perform this procedure. Some surgeons don’t treat the arms at all with liposuction. Others treat them only very conservatively. Dr. Su’s Celebrity Arms technique is comprehensive, however. It removes up to 90% of the excess arm fat from around the whole circumference of the arm. However, as it is a very complex procedure, some patients worry it may restrict their mobility. Here, we address this issue.

What Does Celebrity Arms Liposuction Involve?

Celebrity Arms liposuction involves treating the entire circumference of the arm. Dr. Su removes fat from the underhang, the sides and the top of the arm, as well as the shoulder. Such a complete approach allows for maximum fat removal and beautiful sculpting of the arm. The curves of the muscles become visible, creating a gorgeous and toned silhouette.

Dr. Su performs the Celebrity Arms procedure differently than other surgeons.

Virtually all surgeons today use a local anesthetic for liposuction procedures. However, most surgeons treat their patients passively. The patient isn’t involved in the process. They simply lie on the bed as the surgeon operates. Dr. Su does things differently. During the surgery, he instructs the patient to move and tense their muscles. That allows him to sculpt the fat very closely to the muscle.

Celebrity Arms Is A Very Complete Procedure – Won’t It Be Too Painful To Move My Arms Afterwards?

The Celebrity Arms technique’s very complete approach may worry patients when it comes to arm mobility afterward. If Dr. Su removes as much as 90% of the fat, they’ll experience significant pain following surgery – right?

While it is normal to be concerned about a procedure, those concerns are largely unfounded. After any liposuction surgery, patients will have some pain and discomfort. Fortunately, these symptoms are relatively short-lived. Prescribed pain medications help to reduce discomfort in the first few days. The pain should dissipate almost entirely after a couple of weeks. There should be no long-lasting effects.

When Can I Move My Arms Again?

After a couple of days of rest and recuperation, you can begin moving around again. Of course, you should avoid heavy lifting or strenuous arm exercises. You need to wait until your surgeon tells you it’s safe to resume those activities. You’ll also have a compression garment to wear on your arms. You need to wear this according to your surgeon’s instructions to promote a quick and effective recovery. You may find this garment restrictive to wear. You won’t need to wear it forever, though! Your surgeon will tell you when to reduce the length of time you wear it and when you can stop wearing the compression garment. After around six weeks, your surgeon will probably give permission to proceed to resume all normal activities. You should experience no long-term arm movement issues.

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