Will I Have Skin Redundancy After Upper Arm Liposuction?

Upper arm liposuction is an effective way to eliminate excess fat on the upper arms. This surgery involves the permanent removal of the fat and the sculpting of the arms to create a slimmer contour. However, one common concern is the possibility of skin redundancy. Here, we take a closer look at whether this is something you should worry about when planning your procedure.

What Is Skin Redundancy?

Skin redundancy is a term used when referring to loose skin after the removal of fat. Skin redundancy is a problem as it looks unattractive, and it can be uncomfortable, resulting in chafing. Clearly, it is something that patients want to avoid when undergoing any form of liposuction.

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Does Arm Liposuction Cause Skin Redundancy?

Liposuction of the arms doesn’t cause skin redundancy, but it can exacerbate the problem. Liposuction removes the volume underneath the skin by getting rid of the excess fat. If the skin isn’t elastic enough, it can’t snap back afterward, and this causes looseness and sagging.

Some surgeons produce poor results from arm lipo because they lack skill and experience. For this reason, many surgeons don’t offer liposuction of the upper arms. Those who do tend to only take a conservative approach and remove only a small percentage of excess fat. They do this to ensure there is no loose skin afterward. If you want to achieve the most impressive result from your arm lipo, choosing the right surgeon is critical. It’s important to have a skilled surgeon who knows how to minimize skin redundancy.

Can Skin Redundancy Be Minimized After Arm Lipo?

Many surgeons refuse to treat the upper arms with liposuction at all. Others will try to minimize skin redundancy after arm lipo by taking a conservative approach. They remove only a small portion of fat from the underhang of the arm. It may minimize skin redundancy but produces poor outcomes for fat removal. Patients who have this procedure are often dissatisfied with the result since the surgeon only removes 30-50% of the fat.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo takes a different approach. His pioneering Celebrity Arms procedure produces impressive outcomes, removing up to 90% of the fat. Dr. Su’s cutting-edge technique involves “active liposuction.” During the procedure, the patient takes an active role, moving into different positions and tensing their muscles. That allows Dr. Su to remove the maximum amount of fat and to sculpt it closely to the muscle. His outcomes are truly outstanding, as you can see from our gallery.

Furthermore, not only does Dr. Su remove more fat, but his procedure also produces very good skin tightening. Even people with moderate skin laxity see tighter skin with no skin redundancy. If you have a lot of loose skin, though, you may still require a brachioplasty. No liposuction procedure can remove excess skin.

To find out whether you’re a suitable candidate for Celebrity Arms liposuction, get in touch with the ArtLipo team today. You can arrange a consultation to determine whether you require an arm lift or upper arm liposuction. Call our team today to book your appointment.