Will Saggy Arms Go Away by Themselves?

If you have saggy arms, you may wonder whether they’ll ever improve on their own. Many women notice this problem develops as they get older. Some find that their arms become larger and saggier if they gain weight. Others find that their skin becomes looser, resulting in sagging over time. The bad news is that saggy arms are unlikely to resolve themselves naturally. Surgery may be the only way to restore your arms to their former slim and toned appearance.

Why Do I Have Sagging Arms?

There are several reasons why we may develop sagging arms. Some of the most common include:

  • Aging: reduced collagen as we get older causes the skin to be less elastic.
  • Weight gain: excess fat often accumulates on the upper arms.
  • Weight loss: you may experience excess upper arm skin after losing a large amount of weight.
  • Sun damage: extended periods of sun exposure cause the skin to lose elasticity and sag.
  • Genetics: your body may naturally deposit excess fat on the upper arms due to your genes.

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Will Exercises Help Arm Sagging?

There is a persistent belief that exercising the arms can help to improve sagging. Unfortunately, in most cases, that isn’t the case. Dieting and exercise often cannot improve the appearance of sagging arms. One of the reasons for this is that once too much skin elasticity is lost, it cannot tighten fully again. If you’ve lost a lot of weight that results in excess loose skin, it simply won’t snap back. No amount of exercise will tighten up that loose skin.

If you have large arms due to obesity, dieting and exercise may help to a certain extent. Losing weight overall may lead to the upper arms becoming smaller. That is by no means guaranteed, though. If your arms are large due to the genetic distribution of fat, it’s virtually impossible to spot-reduce fat in this area. Exercising may help tone the muscles under the fat or skin, but the layer of fat or skin will remain. Only surgery can get rid of that skin or fat.

Which Surgeries Can Improve My Sagging Arms?

Two types of surgery can improve your sagging upper arms.

If you have only excess skin or a lot of excess skin as well as fat, a brachioplasty can help. Arm lift surgery cuts away the skin and fat to produce a tighter, slimmer arm.

Arm lipo can help if you have excess fat on your upper arms, causing sagging. Surgeons perform this procedure under a local anesthetic. They make incisions in the arms, use a cannula to break up the fat, and suction it out. As a result, the upper arms look slimmer and more contoured. Most cosmetic surgeons take a conservative approach to arm lipo. They only remove fat from the underhang and remove only around 50% of the fat. At ArtLipo, though, Dr. Su takes a different approach. His Celebrity Arms technique produces impressively complete results, removing as much as 90% of the fat. Even better, this surgery can also tighten up the skin to an impressive extent.

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