Can I Have Lipo on My Back Rolls if I’m Overweight?

If you’re overweight, the idea of getting lipo on your back rolls may be very appealing. However, you may also have heard that being overweight is a contraindication for liposuction surgery. So, is it possible to have this procedure? Are you a suitable candidate, or must you lose weight first? Here, we take a closer look at your ideal weight in order to benefit from back roll lipo.

What Does Back Roll Lipo Involve?

Back roll lipo is a relatively simple procedure to remove excess fat from the upper back. The surgeon carries out the surgery under local anesthetic. That means the patient remains awake during the procedure but in no pain. The surgeon makes small incisions in the back and then passes a narrow tube into the incisions. The cannula breaks the fat up and sucks it out. The surgeon then sculpts the back fat to create a slim and toned look.

What Weight Must I Be To Have This Surgery?

The ideal candidate for back roll surgery is either at their ideal body weight or close to it. That is true for all types of liposuction. It’s possible to achieve the best results for people who are around the ideal weight. It’s also safer to perform surgery on someone who is not obese, as overweight people suffer from more complications.

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Why Is Back Roll Liposuction Not Recommended For People Who Are Obese?

It is not ideal for obese people to have liposuction. That is because there is a greater risk of surgical complications. Obese people are more likely to experience excess pain and bleeding. They may also be more at risk of infection. Also, there is a risk associated with losing or gaining more weight in the future. If too much weight is lost or gained after back lipo, the result is spoiled. The patient will probably need more procedures in the future to improve the result after weight loss or gain.

Should I Lose Weight Before Liposuction?

If you’re obese or very overweight, it’s a good idea to lose some weight before having liposuction. After all, you should be near your ideal BMI before having surgery. But it’s also important to maintain your weight loss. If you regain the weight you lost after your procedure, it could spoil the result. For this reason, surgeons recommend you maintain your lower weight for at least six months before having surgery. In fact, for some prospective patients, losing weight leads them to discover they don’t need liposuction at all.

Do Slim People Need Back Roll Liposuction?

It’s a common misconception that overweight people are the only people with back rolls. Even slim people can store excess fat on their backs due to genetics. Losing weight will not help someone who is already slim to get rid of back fat. These patients can undoubtedly benefit from liposuction of the back to eliminate their back rolls.

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