Patient 1

Mindy was unable to get rid of the fat on her arms through diet or exercise. She already had very strong muscles but could not see them. Celebrity Arms liposuction was able to remove the “winter coat” of fat hiding her shape underneath.

Patient 2

Lisa is a patient who had a large thickness of fat encompassing all surfaces of her arms. The effects of her arm liposuction was immediate and revealed a more beautiful shape with slimness and appearance of greater tone.  Her skin had wonderful retraction.

Patient 3

Sherrie, a patient in her late 40’s wanted slimming and tightening of her arms. You can see in the photos and the video that she had immediate slimming and contouring of her muscles. As expected with the procedure, her skin retracted very well with only a hint of looseness remaining.

Patient 4

This young patient genetically had a disproportionate amount of fat on her arms. Slimming the arms can have quite an effect of making a patient look slimmer overall.

Patient 5

This patient was close to 50 years old and had a significant amount of lower arm fat. Celebrity Arms liposuction with the skin tightening that it creates was able to give a slimming effect with an appearance of overall toning.

Patient 6

Patient 7

This patient with larger arms and thicker fat wanted a nicer shape. With circumferential liposuction sculpting she was able to have a significant improvement with a large degree of muscle contouring visible also.

Patient 8

This patient who was close to 50 years old had a large lower hang and loose skin. Many plastic surgeons would recommend an arm lift, arguing that liposuction would leave the skin looking looser. However, with Celebrity Arms liposuction the skin always shows a significant retraction, and an arm lift can sometimes be avoided.

Patient 9

Patient 10

Having a large amount of fat and looser skin usually leaves only an arm lift as a surgical choice. However, for patients that don’t want to have an arm lift and are tolerant of some loose skin, Celebrity Arms liposuction can be a good alternative.

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