Patient 1

A former personal trainer and fitness competitor for over 20 years, Tia is not the type of person you would expect to need arm liposuction. However, she is a good example of the struggle that even fit women often experience. Working out regularly does not get rid of the fat on the arms very effectively. Celebrity Arms liposuction, however, did give Tia the sculpted look she was striving for.

Patient 2

Meghan is an active and athletic patient who felt that her arms looked big. She was hoping to achieve a more contoured and athletic look by having Celebrity Arms liposuction. Her results are pretty immediate as you can see in her video.

Patient 3

Jennifer is a typical patient that had fair muscle tone prior to the procedure but did not look as slim or contoured as she desired. Celebrity Arms liposuction gave her the slimness and toned look that would have been very difficult by exercise alone.

Patient 4

Skylar was very active as a swimmer who already was in good shape. She didn’t feel however, that her arms looked as fit as she felt. She was able to get the “Kelly Ripa” arms that she wanted after her Celebrity Arm liposuction.

Patient 5

Amy is a professional personal trainer that despite all her knowledge and effort could not seem to get the slim and toned look on her arms as she could on the rest of her body. In her video and photos you can see what a difference Celebrity Arm liposuction made.

Patient 6

It is amazing that Celebrity Arms liposuction can create such a slimming effect and at the same time give skin a much tighter appearance also. Even patients close to 40 years old with less than perfect elasticity can get amazing skin retraction.

Patient 7

Amanda already had good muscle tone, but wished her arms to look slimmer. Celebrity Arms liposuction gave her the slimness and more definition resulting in a more athletic appearance.

Patient 8

Sara wanted smaller arms but to have definition also. In this video, Sara volunteered to be the first patient to be filmed while having the Celebrity Arms liposuction procedure being performed. You can see that she is comfortable, awake, and enthusiastic during the surgery. The results are seen immediately!

Patient 9

Diana like many of our patients had tried very hard to achieve slim arms through exercise and was disappointed that her arms looked even bigger. Through Celebrity Arm liposuction the fat covering the muscles was artistically sculpted away revealing her slim athletic shape below. See her immediate results in the video.

Patient 10

Andrea was a little skeptical that we could achieve slimmer and defined arms immediately. However, you can see in this video the results and her surprise when she sees her new arms in front of the mirror.

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