Patient 1

Amy had great muscle tone that was hidden by just a small layer of fat. She was told that she would need her skin cut away by another plastic surgeon, but after her arm liposuction her skin is very tight and she has great definition.

Patient 2

Emily is a former cheerleader and swimmer that could never seem to get a defined and toned look despite all her arm workouts. Her Celebrity Arms Liposuction truly gave her much thinner and contoured looking arms that fit well with the rest of her athletic physique.

Patient 3

Yana is a patient that worked out 3 times a week but could only achieve a small degree of muscle definition. She wanted to have a slimmer and more defined look which we achieved with her arm liposuction. You can see in her video how immediate her results are the day following her surgery.

Patient 4

Michelle is a patient in her 40’s that went from having average looking arms to having very defined and athletic arms. Her skin retracted very nicely with her Celebrity Arm Liposuction despite starting off with less than average elasticity.

Patient 5

Chelsea is a patient who never liked to show her arms in public and never wore short sleeves. Now she loves her arms and likes to wear tank tops.

Patient 6

Even girls who work out routinely and have good muscle definition will likely never have great definition.  Celebrity Arms Liposuction eliminates fat that exercise won’t.

Patient 7

This patient in her 20’s was already very slim and toned. She had only about ¼ inch of fat which is a very difficult to liposuction. Her arms now show a much higher degree of definition.

Patient 8

This young athletic patient needed sculpting of fat from all areas to reveal the nice muscle tone that she possessed.

Patient 9

This patient is close to 50 years old with moderate fat and looseness of her skin. Ordinary liposuction would likely leave her skin saggy and would only treat the lower hang. However, with Celebrity Arms Liposuction she has both defined and slimmed arms, but also no loose skin.

Patient 10

This patient has more fat and thickness around her shoulder. After Celebrity Arms Liposuction her arms have been fully slimmed. They now look longer because of the difference in shape.

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